Dota 2 pro LastHero goes missing after being arrested by Minsk police


Concerns are growing as Dota 2 pro player, Oleg ‘LastHero’ Demidovich, has been reported as missing after allegedly being detained by police in the Minsk region.

Ukranian organization ‘B8’ initially reported that Demidovich had been arrested in Minsk during the night of August 11.

On August 12, the organization Tweeted: “We are investigating the circumstances and details related to the arrest of our player Oleg ‘LastHero’ Demidovich in Minsk last night.”

Details surrounding the arrest of B8’s Offlane player remained unknown at this time. However, there have been ongoing protests in the region following the results of the recent presidential election.

Three hours after launching their investigation, B8 shed more light on LastHero’s circumstances, with the whereabouts of the 26-year-old currently unknown.

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Demidovich went to a meeting with three friends in Minsk, where, according to eyewitnesses, there was no violent unrest in the area. At 7:00 PM (MSK), the group are said to have been approached by police officers and detained in a nearby station, where there was reportedly around 50 detainees being held.

From this point onwards, the organization lost all contact with LastHero. However, according to the latest update, the Offlaner is being held in a preliminary detention prison in the Zhodino, Minsk region.

Understandably, B8 are concerned with the safety and well-being of Demidovich, considering that one of the friends that he was detained with at the time has already been released.

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“There is no connection with him yet. One of the friends he was with has already been released.”

People have been urged to step forward with any additional information regarding the whereabouts of LastHero by emailing:

We will update this post with any more information on the circumstances surrounding LastHero’s status as it becomes available.