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Dota 2 analyst Nahaz explains why haters can ‘shut up forever’ after Infamous’ TI9 run

Published: 23/Aug/2019 11:26 Updated: 5/May/2020 16:22

by Connor Bennett


Dota 2 analyst Alan ‘Nahaz’ Bester has stated that haters of South American teams can “shut up forever,” after Infamous’ stellar run at The International 9.

The showpiece event of the Dota 2 competitive calendar – The International – is quickly approaching a conclusion as the field has been thinned to contain the pre-event favorites after impressive showings from other qualifiers.

One of the final fairy tale runs was being made by the majority-Peruvian team Infamous, who found themselves fighting through a stacked lower bracket. They were, unfortunately, sent packing but found plenty of praise for representing their long-memed region with performances that haven’t been seen before.


ValveInfamous caught the eye of everyone with their impressive International run.

While analyzing the conclusion of the lower bracket match-up between Team Secret and Infamous, Nahaz took a few moments to address anyone who still has anything bad to say about South American Dota.

“I’m going to apologize in advance, everybody that’s talking about how SA doesn’t deserve at these tournaments, questioning the talent level in that region, saying why do we have guaranteed SA slots at majors – you can all now shut up forever,” Nahaz stated. “This team was amazing at this event. I’m sorry, you’re done – SA haters, you’re done.”


Nahaz wasn’t the only one with that message, however, as fellow analyst Kyle ‘melonzz’ Freedman agreed that the hate was “tiresome,” and that pros who are against automatic South American qualifiers are wrong.

“It’s b.s,” he said. “These guys – they had composure, they had heart. They get beaten by the tournament favorites, sure, but they gotta be proud.”

While Infamous may have caught the eye with their TI9 run, it remains to be seen if any South American team can match them moving forward – and if the annual post-TI shuffle will be kind to their current line-up.


The debate and memes about SA Dota may continue moving forward, especially if this run ends up being a flash in the pan, but for now, players and fans can hold their heads high.