Where is Dota 2’s Immortal Treasure 3? Possible release date, timeline and more

Dota 2 The International

Players have been waiting with bated breath for The Immortal Treasure 3 to be released in Dota 2.

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The Immortal Treasure 3 is an extremely coveted item in The International (TI) Battle Pass that normally takes some time to be released going by past years. 

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Update, August 6, 10:14AM EST: Immortal Treasure 3 has finally been released, on August 6, on Day 90 as predicted.

The Dota 2 Battle Pass is Valve’s way to increase the prize pool of The International, which is the game’s largest esports event. By offering limited time treasures and items within the Battle Pass, they can boost the prize pool and give something to fans at the same time. 

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The International continuously provides the highest prize pool out of any esport event. In 2016, The International’s total prize pool reached $20,770,460. In 2017, it was $24,787,916. And last year, it was a whopping $25,532,177.

So far, the only item revealed for Immortal Treasure 3 is Overgrown Emblem. On the Steam shop, five are currently for sale with the cheapest costing $1,059.26. 

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Overgrown Emblem’s description reads, “Equippable by all heroes, the Overgrown Emblem imbues its chosen bearers with an exclusive emblem featuring the Aegis of Champions and custom ambient effect.”

The fact people are willing to spend that kind of money should tell you how valuable these in-game items are.

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With so many days since the Battle Pass was released, fans are certainly hoping that the rest Immortal Treasure 3 is worth the wait.