Disney Dreamlight Valley confirms June update and reveals what to expect

Disney Dreamlight Valley June updateDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley has revealed the release window of their highly-anticipated Update 5, teasing that the focus this time will be on “familiar, but Forgotten places”.

Disney Dreamlight Valley took the world by storm upon its release into early access, with players enjoying its ever-updating content, from meeting new Disney characters, cooking, questing, and exploring the magical worlds within.

Each update introduces a brand new element to the game, with a variety of new quests, activities, characters, and more embedding themselves into the cozy game.

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Now, announced on Twitter, we know the fifth Disney Dreamlight Valley update will be coming in June – but the upcoming content leaves much speculation, with the only clue being a focus on “familiar, but Forgotten places.”

What to expect from the June Disney Dreamlight Valley update

Through a secretive tweet, Disney Dreamlight Valley announced that Update 5 would be arriving this June, teasing fans with the notion that it’s all about “familiar, but Forgotten places.” Alongside that clue, they also attached an image depicting the protagonist standing in front of a dark, twisted tower that seems to have succumbed to the Forgetting.

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Naturally, speculation instantly began regarding what the focus could be. Many thought the update could be all about the Forgotten Lands, highlighting that the 2023 roadmap teased an image of the mysterious Pumpkin located in the Forgotten Lands.

Others took the “Forgotten” clue a different way, claiming it could mean we get a quest dedicated to discovering more about the Forgetting. Along with the teaser image in the roadmap, we did also get a clue stating that the Summer update would “unveil the secret to The Forgetting.”

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Considering how extensive previous Disney Dreamlight Valley updates have been, it wouldn’t be too surprising if both of these elements are covered, with the addition of a new princess “racing into the Valley.”

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