When is the Diablo 3 Season 24 update? Season 23 end date revealed

Diablo 3 MonkBlizzard Entertainment

As Diablo 3 Season 23 comes to a close, here’s everything you need to know about the title’s upcoming Season 24, including the start date and what to expect.

With Diablo 2: Resurrected‘s release date finally being announced, fans of the demonic franchise have been flocking back to both the original Diablo 2, alongside its sequel Diablo 3, to get in the demon-slaying mood.

Season 23 of the series’ third installment saw a lot of changes added to the game. With Followers able to equip full armor instead of just weapons and accessories, as well as now having the ’emante’ ability, Season 24 is going to have to try hard to topple 23’s success.

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So, if you’re looking to crash back into Sanctuary like a falling star and cause some chaos, here’s everything you need to know about Season 24.

Diablo 3 star falls on TristramBlizzard Entertainment
Just as this falling star brought about a new age in Diablo, it marks a new season too!

When does Diablo 3 Season 23 end?

Season 23 ended on these dates, at these times:

  • North America – July 18 at 5PM PDT/ 8PM EST
  • Europe – July 18 at 4PM BST/ 5PM CEST
  • Asia – July 18 at 5PM KST

Diablo 3 Season 24 release date

Diablo 3 Season 24 will start on July 23 PDT / CEST/ KST following the title’s regular update.

With a brand new theme that ties in perfectly with Diablo 2: Resurrected, fans everywhere will be taking the war-torn plains of Bastion’s Keep and the High Heavens in order to score some amazing loot.

diablo 3 season 24 themeBlizzard Entertainment
The Etheral Weapons are the main focus of Diablo III’s latest update.

Diablo 2 Season 24: Theme

In celebration of the upcoming remaster of the iconic Diablo 2, Blizzard have decided to center Diablo 3’s Season 24 around the Ethereal Weapons that could only be found in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.

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Stunning transparent weapons and armor that boast a whole collection of sockets, the items have 50% increased damage and defense, and ignore durability loss.

21 weapons from Diablo 2 will be popping up in Diablo 3’s new update, but don’t worry! We’ll break down how to get them as soon as more details emerge.

Additionally, cosmetic items from Season 12 will be making a reappearance, alongside the Lesser Mummy pet. New Journey Rewards, Conquests and much more will also be dropping, with details available here.

So that’s everything we know about Diablo 3’s upcoming Season 24. As more terrifying tales slip out of the shadows of hell, we’ll ensure this page remains up to date.

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