Diablo Immortal August 5 update patch notes: Bug fixes, content, & more

Sam Smith
diablo Immortal mini updateBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal’s first mini update to coincide with the launch of Season 3 is now live. Here’s everything that’s changed.

The third Season of Diablo Immortal – and the Aspect of Justice Battle Pass – is now live and players are already jumping in and slaying hordes of Diablo’s minions in the free-to-play mobile/PC hack and slash game.

The developers also announced that Diablo Immortal would be receiving updates every two weeks and that some of these would come in the form of mini updates, while others would be more substantial. Diablo Immortal’s first mini update is now here, so here’s everything that’s changed.

Diablo immortal season 3Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo Immortal’s first mini update is now live.

Cycle of Strife

Fixed an issue that would prevent players from receiving the Shadows intro quest if their clan converted to Shadows while they were offline.

Fixed an issue in Shadow War that would allow the Immortal to move in and out of the designated arena.Fixed an issue that prevented players from signing up for the Shadow Lottery and displayed the number of participants as zero.


Fixed an issue in Hungering Moon that prevented players from completing quests that require obtaining Legendary and Rare gear.


Fixed an issue that would cause players to get stuck during the Prison of the Scorpion quest.Fixed an issue that prevented party invitations from being sent to players while in certain areas of Bilefen.


Fixed an issue that would cause the screen to be covered in black blocks when selecting the High quality option for Shadows in the Settings Menu.Legendary Gem

Changed the description of Lightning Core’s lightning proc effect cooldown to read as “Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds,” instead of “Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds per target.”


Fixed an issue that would allow overworld map pins to be visible inside of the dungeon map.

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