Diablo Immortal’s next update unlocks weekly class changes

diablo immortal class changeActivision Blizzard

The class change update for Diablo Immortal goes live this week and will let players switch classes once every seven days at no extra cost.

A free-to-play game built for mobile, Diablo Immortal hit Android, iOS, and PC in June with a host of character classes in tow.

At the start of the experience, users choose to jump into the adventure as one of six different character types, including Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard.

The title seems to be performing exceptionally well, too, despite the microtransaction controversy that plagued it from the start.

Said controversy hasn’t slowed Blizzard’s support for the mobile Diablo, which is due to receive a major update this week.

Class changes arrive in Diablo Immortal’s next patch

diablo immortal class changeActivision Blizzard
Diablo Immortal’s Barbarian class

A blog post from Blizzard Entertainment outlines what players can expect from the Diablo Immortal patch slated to go live on July 20.

The headliner includes the user’s ability to switch their character class once per week for free. As a result, those who began the adventure with a Wizard build will soon have the option to become a Barbarian, for instance.

Of course, the class change mechanic will come with a few ground rules.

  • Class changes becomes available at level 35.
  • The change is possible once every seven days, with a one-time chance to “immediately revert” to the last class. (Blizzard will not let players purchase more frequent class changes.)
  • Upon switching to each class, users can alter their character’s look and receive a Paragon Trees reset.
  • Characters that switch classes will earn placeholder gear, which boasts an “equivalent rank” to the gear from the previous class.
  • Clan, Warband, and other group affiliations transfer over.
  • Some class-specific items won’t carry over between classes but all previously equipped gear will move to a player’s inventory.

Diablo Immortal users can expect the class change mechanic and other features to appear on July 20 at 3:00 AM server time, Blizzard noted in the blog post.