Diablo fans want Blizzard to bring back fan-favorite game mode for D2R

d2r ssf ladderActivision Blizzard

Longtime Diablo players want an SSF Ladder mode in D2R since the offline offering currently lacks ladder leaderboards.

Such a request isn’t exactly new by any stretch of the imagination. Many Diablo fans long held out hope that Blizzard Entertainment would add SSF Ladder mode during the Diablo 3 days.

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Ladder play constitutes a ranked competitive mode wherein players can test their mettle against that of fellow users.

The remaster currently features four different Ladder modes, yet veterans of the franchise would prefer it if Blizzard added one more to the mix.

Diablo fans really want an SSF Ladder mode in D2R

On the Diablo subreddit, a user named veek91reddit shared a post imploring Blizzard to bring back Solo Self-Found Ladders for Resurrected.

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Fellow players were quick to agree that this would represent a much-appreciated addition to the remaster. “…Would be cool to see how players of each class would push the leaderboard without the assistance of jsp, trading, teammates, and viewers,” one Redditor wrote in response.

Though several users praised the original poster’s suggestion, there were a few who questioned whether offline mode offered the same basic concept.

Veek91reddit explained the difference, noting “there is no ladder leaderboard in offline. There’s no competitive aspect.”

Dedicated SSF Ladder play in D2R would effectively introduce a leaderboard for solo and hopefully cleanse the mode of players who’ve collected thousands in forum gold from d2jsp.

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Whether or not Blizzard would actually pursue the idea is anyone’s guess at this point. Some remain doubtful, though, given that such a mode never made its way to Diablo 3 despite fan requests.