Diablo 4 players find surprising advantage when playing in widescreen

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During the early access beta, Diablo 4 players learned that those who play in widescreen enjoy a massive advantage over those who don’t.

Diablo 4’s early access beta proved a rousing success for Blizzard Entertainment, with over one million people exploring the world of Sanctuary from March 17 through March 19.

By and large, those who participated in the weekend-long beta session enjoyed themselves. However, the early access period was not without a fair few shortcomings.

Long queue times and errors hindered the experience for a number of players. And complaints of balancing issues didn’t escape notice, either. Interestingly, users uncovered another glaring hiccup that seems to be flying under the radar.

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Diablo 4 players who use widescreen discover huge advantage

YouTube Dvalin created a comparison video showing the differences between playing Diablo 4 in regular 16:9 and widescreen modes. As one would expect, widescreen monitors display much more of what’s going on in-game.

Yet, another YouTube content creator – Neeko2lo – proved that playing in 21:9 provides a glaring advantage, specifically when it comes to teleporting.

Neeko2lo’s video demonstrates that a player using a widescreen monitor can teleport significantly longer distances than someone relying on the 16:9 aspect ratio.

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“What this confirms is basically this – anywhere you can look you can teleport to. So the wider your screen is, the further you can teleport,” the YouTuber said near the end of the video.

“Can’t wait for the Diablo 4 Widescreen% speedruns,” wrote one person in the YouTube comments. Meanwhile, others have expressed their shock that Blizzard didn’t apply range limits to sorcery spells.

It’ll be interesting to see if this matter is addressed before Diablo 4 launches this summer. After all, the development studio has already announced that it will buff the Barbarian class for better-balanced gameplay in the early game.

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