Diablo 4 skill tree builder lets you plan out character builds early

diablo 4 skill tree builderBlizzard

A Diablo 4 fan designed a skill tree builder that lets players plan out a wide variety of character builds ahead of launch.

For two weekends in March, Blizzard Entertainment hosted a pair of beta sessions for Diablo 4. The successful endeavor went on to become Diablo’s “largest beta ever,” with the studio logging over 62 million hours played.

Though the testing phases have come to an end, many franchise faithful can’t get the fantastical world of Sanctuary off their minds.

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Luckily for them, one dedicated fan took it upon themselves to devise another way of diving deeper into Diablo 4’s various systems and mechanics.

Diablo 4 skill tree builder is the perfect distraction until launch

In the Diablo subreddit, user lowpoly_nomad shared a link to their Diablo 4 skill tree planner/calculator. The site, d4planner.io, features the full skill tree and 58 ability points, along with Reset and Share options.

Players can choose to build out abilities for each of the five class types, which include Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer.

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It’s a nifty tool, to say the least, one that should help tide users over until the role-playing title finally releases this summer.

Based on comments in the thread linked above, lowpoly_nomad is actively accepting and acting on user feedback.

Thus far, the creator behind Diablo 4’s unofficial skill tree builder has pushed fixes to address mobile visibility, missing Rogue-related information, small tooltips font on desktop, and more.

As new adjustments go live, Diablo 4 players should be able to make good use of the planner. This will especially hold true for those who plan on taking advantage of Diablo 4’s respec system once the game drops in early June.

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