Diablo 4 salvage system explained

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Salvaging gear in Diablo 4 is an excellent way to declutter your bag space and gain other crafting materials. So, here’s a handy guide about how the Diablo 4 salvage system works and what rewards you can get.

When it comes to Diablo 4, it’s not just about the demon-slaying mayhem – but also the hoard of gear you collect along the way. Whether you’re donned in the majestic armor of a Barbarian or the mystical robes of a Sorcerer, your equipment is your lifeline.

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This is where salvaging items play a major role in ensuring your gear serves you well, much like Diablo 3. It not only saves your inventory space but also grants other materials to craft new and powerful gear in the game.

So, here’s a handy guide explaining how to salvage gear in Diablo 4 and what rewards you may get.


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Salvaging gear in Diablo 4: What does it do?

In Diablo 4, salvaging gear breaks down items into smaller parts or crafting materials. This is particularly useful for players looking to craft powerful gear in the game, upgrade existing gear, and create looks/costumes you can transmog your other gear into.

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The type and amount of materials you get from salvaging will depend on the quality of the item being salvaged. Some gear will only net you a small amount of materials while salvaging some items will give you plenty more – or rarer materials.

On the other hand, you could also sell gear to make more Gold if you’re running short of money. This is quite different from salvaging, and here’s our guide to the best ways to make money in Diablo 4.

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How to salvage gear in Diablo 4?

To start salvaging gear in Diablo 4, you’ll first need to locate a blacksmith. They are typically found in towns.

Here are the steps you need to follow to salvage gear in the game:

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  1. Look for the Anvil icon on your map.
  2. Head towards the location and once you’ve found the blacksmith, interact with them.
  3. Click the first tab at the top to access the Salvage window.
    • In the Salvage window, you have several options:
      • Salvage all junk: Salvages gear you’ve manually marked as junk in your inventory.
      • Normal: Salvages common quality items, white in color.
      • Magic: Salvages magic quality items, blue in color.
      • Rare: Salvages rare quality items, yellow in color.
      • All items: Salvage everything except for legendary items.
      • Pickaxe icon: Use this option to salvage the items you’ve selected (recommended for salvaging legendary armor and weapons).

You may choose the option as per your requirement or liking. With that said, let’s have a look at the materials you can get by salvaging gear.

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You can craft powerful gear by salvaging items.

Salvaging Gear in Diablo 4: Rewards

Salvaging gear in Diablo 4 provides you with materials for crafting new items and enhancing your existing equipment. The rarities of the materials you receive will depend on the item you’re salvaging.

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Here are some items you can get by salvaging different types of armor, jewelry, and weapons:

  • Normal Armor: Rawhide
  • Magic Armor: Superior Leather, Rawhide
  • Rare Armor: Superior Leather, Rawhide
  • Normal weapons and jewelry: Iron Chunks
  • Magic weapons and jewelry: Iron Chunks, Silver Ore
  • Rare weapons and jewelry: Iron Chunks, Silver Ore, Veiled Crystal

Lower-quality items will yield basic materials like Rawhide and Superior Leather. These materials are useful when you need to upgrade armor.

On the other hand, higher-quality gear can provide materials like Iron Chunks, Silver Ore, and Veiled Crystals to craft legendary items, especially at max level. These materials are useful to upgrade weapons later in the game.

Salvaging also gives you the appearance of salvaged items for use in transmogrification, allowing you to customize your character’s look​.

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So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know about salvaging in Diablo 4. For more about the game, be sure to check our other guides and content:

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