Diablo 4 will keep a simple Respec System after beta despite player worries

diablo 4 respecBlizzard

In response to player concerns, a Blizzard Entertainment developer promised Diablo 4’s Respec System will remain fair in the final game.

Diablo 4’s recent beta sessions allowed players to test their skills across all classes. As such, a simple skill tree and respec system were a must. Blizzard provided both in spades.

From the time a player reached Level 2 in the beta, they obtained the ability to respec their character. Understandably, respecting past Level 15 became more and more costly as the unlocked levels climbed higher.

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It proved a system that most players seemed to appreciate. However, since Blizzard previously confirmed that Diablo 4’s drop rates will be adjusted before launch, many have wondered how reallocating skill points may differ between the beta and final build.

Diablo 4’s respec system won’t be too costly in final version

A curious fan recently reached out to Diablo’s SVP and General Manager Rod Fergusson on Twitter (via PCGamesN), asking if players will have the ability to “easily redistribute skill points” on day one.

According to Fergusson, the system in its final form shouldn’t feel “prohibitively expensive.” This suggests that even respecting at higher levels may not break the bank.

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In spite of Rod Fergusson’s reassurances, players remain in the dark about what form Diablo 4’s respec options will take on launch day. It seems those familiar with the beta can anticipate a similar level of simplicity, though.

Technical hiccups aside, Diablo 4’s early access and open beta periods culminated in a massive success story for the franchise.

Blizzard later revealed that with 62 million hours played, Diablo 4 had the “largest beta ever” in franchise history. The studio could have another historic launch on its hands, too, when the latest Diablo entry finally arrives on June 6 for PC and consoles.

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