Diablo 4 patch notes: Big class changes, Paragon Glyphs nerfed

barbarian class in diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is continuing to make tweaks to Diablo 4 ahead of the game’s full release, and this latest round of adjustments gives greater power to Barbarian and Druid classes while taking away some of the power that Paragon Glyphs provide.

Blizzard said that they were “happy” with how each class was performing, but wanted to make more improvements to keep the game healthy.

They said: “Our goal behind these changes is to create a better balanced and enjoyable experience across the board.”

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Diablo 4 1.0.2d patch notes: Barbarian & Druid classes given more power

The full patch notes for the 1.0.2d Build read as follows:


diablo 4 best barbarian buildActivision Blizzard

Skill Changes 

Challenging Shout – Damage Reduction gained from Skill Ranks reduced from 4% to 2%

Legendary Aspect Changes

Bold Chieftain’s Aspect 

  • Cooldown reduction per Nearby enemy reduced from 2.7-5.4 seconds to 1.0-1.9 seconds. 
  • Maximum Cooldown reduction from 12 to 6 seconds. 

Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind 

  • Increased Critical Strike Chance per second reduced from 5-10% to 3-8%. 
  • Maximum Critical Strike Chance bonus reduced from 20-40% to 9-24%.

Item Changes

Gohr’s Devastating Grips

  • Explosion damage gained from Whirlwind reduced from 50-70% to 16-26%.
  • Damage against wreckable objects no longer increases explosion damage.
  • Explosion damage is only increased by the first 100 hits of Whirlwind.


diablo 4 druidBlizzard Entertainment

Skill Changes 

Pulverize – Lucky Hit Chance reduced from 33% to 25%. 

Lightning Storm – Damage increased from 32% to 40%. 

Grizzly Rage – Damage bonus increased from 5/10/15% to 6/12/18%. 

Class Specialization

Obsidian Slam

  • Kills required for bonus increased from 10 to 20.

Calm Before the Storm

  • Lucky Hit Chance reduced from 15% to 10%.

Passive Changes

Electric Shock

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  • Damage bonus increased from 5/10/15% to 6/12/18%.

Legendary Aspect Changes 

Shockwave Aspect 

  • Damage reduced from 90-130% to 60-100%.

Crashstone Aspect

  • Critical Strike Damage reduced from 40-50% to 30-40%.

Lightning Dancer’s Aspect

  • Flat damage increased from .5-.6 to .7-.8. 


necromancerBlizzard Entertainment

Skill Changes

Blood Lance

  • Damage increased from 67.5% to 80%.

Army of the Dead

  • Damage increased from 30% to 45%.
  • Cooldown reduced from 90 to 70 seconds.

Blood Wave

  • Damage increased from 90% to 120%.

Passive Changes


  • Damage increased from 20% to 22%.

Grim Harvest

  • Essence gained reduced from 3/6/9 to 2/4/6.


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  • Critical Strike Chance reduced from .5/1/1.5% to .3/.6/.9%.

Death’s Defense

  • Maximum Minion Life lost in a single damage instance reduced from 75/60/45% to 60/45/30%.

Class Specialization

Raise Skeleton

  • Skeleton Warrior attack damage increased by 10%.


  • Golem attack damage increased by 10%.

Blood Golem

  • Blood Golem Life drain damage increased from 40% to 90%.
  • Blood Golem Life drain healing from enemies hit increased from 4% to 5%.

Iron Golem

  • Iron Golem slam damage increased from 25% to 175%.
  • Iron Golem shockwave damage increased from 30% to 40%.

Necromancer Paragon Board Changes

Hulking Monstrosity                                                        

  • Golem Life and damage bonus increased from 30% to 40% Life.

Cult Leader

  • Damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%.


diablo 4 rogue buildsBlizzard Entertainment

Skill Changes 

Twisting Blades 

  • Advanced Twisting Blades Cooldown reduction per enemy hit reduced from .25 to .1 seconds. 
  • Advanced Twisting Blades maximum Cooldown reduction reduced from 3 to 2 seconds. 

Rapid Fire 

  • Damage increased from 24% to 30%. 

Dark Shroud 

  • Damage Reduction per shadow gained from Skill Ranks reduced from .8% to .4%. 


  • Enhanced Dash Critical Strike Damage bonus from 20% to 15%. 


  • Damage increased from 30% to 40%. 

Passive Changes 


  • Critical Strike Chance reduced from 5/10/15% to 4/8/12%. 

Legendary Affix Changes 


  • Maximum Minion Life lost in a single damage instance reduced from 75/60/45% to 60/45/30%.


Skill Changes

Arc Lash

  • Lucky Hit Chance reduced from 30% to 14%.
  • Glinting Arc Lash Cooldown reduction reduced from .25 to .15 seconds.


  • Shimmering Teleport’s Damage Reduction duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.

Legendary Affix Changes

Aspect of Control

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  • Bonus damage reduced from 30-40% to 25-35%.

General Changes

Miscellaneous Class Changes

Druid Companions and Necromancer Minions

  • Maximum damage over time taken per damage instance reduced from 2% to 1% of maximum Life.

Paragon Board Changes

Rare Nodes

  • Player Attack Speed nodes reduced by 50%.


  • All Glyph Bonus scaling has been reduced by ~34%, except for the following:
  • Critical Strike Damage Glyphs’ Bonus reduced by ~66%.
  • Vulnerable Glyphs’ Bonus reduced by ~66%.
  • Glyphs’ Bonus to Rare nodes reduced by ~50%.
  • Glyphs’ Bonus to Magic nodes reduced by ~40%.
  • Glyphs’ Bonus to Cold/Fire/Lightning/Non-Physical/Physical nodes reduced by ~62.5%.

Monster Changes 

  • Significantly reduced the spawn rate of Treasure Goblins within PvP zones. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the name for the Light Bearer Mount.  
  • The Go to Shop button from the Wardrobe will now properly open the shop. 
  • Fixed an issue where if a Sorcerer uses Deep Freeze and is affected by another effect that would freeze them, it caused them to be permanently stunned.  
  • Miscellaneous stability and crash fixes. 

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