Diablo 4 players urge Blizzard to add QoL map feature before launch

diablo 4 map overlayBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 players are urging developers to reconsider their decision to not include a map overlay feature at launch.

Though Diablo 4’s beta made history with 62 million hours played, it boasted a number of issues that players simply couldn’t ignore. As a result, Blizzard Entertainment plans on implementing changes based on community feedback.

The team will optimize dungeon layouts to minimize backtracking, for example. In addition, players can expect each character class to receive balancing adjustments. Issuing regarding the user interface will be tackled ahead of launch as well, Blizzard confirmed.

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Yet, it seems there’s at least one feature the Diablo studio won’t soon change its mind about – the map overlay.

Diablo 4 players really want Blizzard to add a map overlay

The map overlay feature that allows users to simultaneously explore the world and view a transparent map has become a standard for ARPGs – Diablo included.

No such QoL function will exist for Diablo 4 on day one and, according to series GM and SVP Rod Fergusson, there are no plans to implement it anytime soon. The developer divulged as much in the following Twitter exchange:

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Diablo fans aren’t happy with the news, especially since Fergusson didn’t clarify why the feature’s been abandoned for the upcoming entry.

Many users urged the developer to reconsider. “Would strongly reconsider. [The] current map feels very alien and a little clunky,” one player replied.

Another person simply wrote, “Please consider, this is a big deal imo.” One fan ended their response by stating, “You say D4 is about choice, so give it to us man.”

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The main concern is that the provided minimap often proves inefficient when exploring. Not to mention the hassle of opening the map in a menu every few minutes doesn’t spark joy, either.

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not Blizzard will oblige user requests in the end. For now, though, Diablo 4 will hit stores this summer without a map overlay in tow.

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