Frustrated Diablo 4 players demand itemization revamp

diablo 4 itemizationBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 players believe many of the game’s core issues would be resolved if developers overhauled the itemization system.

As Diablo 4 nears the end of its first season, players can’t help but point out the myriad problems that continue to linger. In fact, some argue that even Diablo Immortal deserves more praise, thanks to the array of features lacking in the fourth mainline installment.

Immortal includes the Castle Defense mode and Dungeon Finder feature that makes base game and endgame content more worthwhile.

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But players continue to find that even the systems already baked into Diablo 4 need more work. Unsurprisingly, the system in question revolves around loot and itemization.

Diablo 4 players desperately want an itemization overhaul

Reddit user mfa_sammerz asked fellow Diablo 4 players the one new feature they’d like to see Blizzard prioritize. Personally, the poster wants a loot filter, since wading through mostly “crappy items is what’s been putting me off from enjoying D4 even more.”

Several others chimed in and took it a step further. “Revamped itemization or [the] game is dead for me,” one user replied. The comment’s hundreds of upvotes suggest a contingent of the user base agrees with this sentiment.

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diablo 4 itemizationBlizzard Entertainment

Someone else added that many of Diablo 4‘s long-standing issues could be boiled down to itemization-related woes. Everyone’s complaints can all be boiled down to this base issue. Items are bad. It feels bad to get loot. It’s a chore even seeing what loot you picked up. The whole system of itemization should be the only focus of the devs,” a user wrote in part.

Others noted that a loot filter could offer a temporary solution since a full itemization overhaul would take time to develop. Regardless, it’s clear the hangup for many rests in the tedium of constantly sorting through “trash items.”

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Diablo 4 GM Rod Fergusson confirmed in August that the team would eventually address the loot filter requests. There’s no timeline for the feature’s release, though. And whether or not an itemization rework is on the way is anyone’s guess.

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