Diablo 4 dev confirms players can skip the campaign on repeat playthroughs

Diablo 4 Skip Campaign Button ExampleBlizzard

A Diablo 4 developer has confirmed that players will be able to skip through the game’s campaign on repeat playthroughs for separate characters.

Diablo 4 is going to be an absolutely massive game for players to go through. With several different zones, dungeons, classes, and an endgame to farm up, players can spend hours on end grinding out the game, as you’d expect from a Diablo title.

With the game releasing in just over a month’s time, Blizzard has been hard at work squashing bugs, as well as responding to feedback and answering questions. Alongside this, the developers released an open beta period for players to test the game, and have announced another one on the way.

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Whilst Diablo 4 doesn’t release until 6 June, 2023, many of the devs have taken to social media like Twitter to spread more information about the game. One developer, in particular, was able to answer a burning question about a feature shown in the latest Diablo 4 video, specifically the ability to skip the campaign.

Global Community Development Director at Diablo Adam Fletcher responded to the tweet, explaining the feature further.

Fletcher announced that the campaign skip feature will only be available when Diablo 4 players have completed the campaign at least once. However, beyond that point, anyone can use the feature to skip running the campaign on new characters.

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This feature will help greatly for anyone looking to create alternate characters for different classes. This means that instead of being bound to the story, players are able to openly explore at their own leisure, and may find better methods of leveling than following the campaign questline.

The campaign skip feature will also be available to seasonal characters also, with a recent interview with WoWHead confirming this. “All future characters, including new seasonal characters, will have the option to skip the campaign at character creation.”

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These are fantastic quality-of-life features that will immensely help out players of the ARPG, especially those looking to grind out more characters in their game time.

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