Diablo 4 fans can earn a free copy of the game if they get a tattoo

diablo 4 redBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that fans of Diablo IV can get access to the beta, as well as a free copy of the game if they get a flash tattoo at a specific location during a newly announced tour.

Although Diablo 4 may be quite some time away from launch, Blizzard is still building up hype for the long-awaited ARPG.

Despite the mobile version of the game, Diablo Immortal, launching in June, fans’ thirst for more demon-slaying action has still gone unquenched.

Now, Blizzard has announced that hardcore fans of the series will have their chance to get a free copy of the game, but it’ll cost you some skin.

Lilith in Diablo looking menacing with Diablo 4 logo on right of screenActivision Blizzard
Diablo IV has no release date yet.

Diablo 4 free game and tattoo giveaway tour announced

Blizzard has announced the Diablo Hells Ink Tattoo Shop Takeover tour where artists will be providing free flash tattoos based on Diablo art. Participants won’t just be receiving free ink, but also a special bonus ticket from Blizzard themselves.

The ticket reads, “Thank you for offering your flesh as tribute. You have been gifted early access to an upcoming beta for Diablo 4 and a digital copy of the game upon release.”

The tattoo tour has already rolled through Los Angeles and Chicago but also plans on going through New York City, Miami, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Syndey.

Although this option might be drastic for some, Diablo fans with ink can nab a free copy of the game, beta access, and a free tattoo of their favorite game all on the same day.

Check the location of all the shops above to see if the tattoo tour is rolling through your area.