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Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram: How to get the Royal Calf & Wirt’s Leg

Published: 31/Dec/2021 17:13

by Sam Smith


Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event brings some extra special rewards, here’s some of the fun items you can unlock.

Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event is back after a 4-year absence and players can play Diablo 1 within Diablo 3 once again. The event will see some exciting new loot being added to the game, as well as some returning favorites from the Diablo series.

The event is the perfect excuse to bring back Wirt’s Leg, an item that’s become legendary amongst Diablo fans. Despite it being a useless weapon. However, Wirt’s Leg is the gateway to another world, and weirdly, is often connected to cows.


Here’s how to unlock a hidden quest within the Diablo 3 The Darkening of Tristram that also unlocks Wirt’s Leg, an associated transmog, and the Royal Calf pet. Note, you’ll need Wirt’s Leg to obtain the Royal Calf.


Tristram gameplay
The Darkening of Tristram brings players back to where it all started.

How to unlock the hidden quest

The path to unlocking Wirt’s Leg, its transmog, and the Royal Calf pet begins by unlocking a hidden quest.

To unlock the quest, first, locate the Rotten Mushroom by accessing the Black Mushroom curio in Level 9 of the Labyrinth. This is the first level of the Caves area.

Once you have the Rotten Mushroom, bring it back to town and get ready to do some walking!


Where to get Wirt’s leg and its transmog

Wirt’s leg is a reoccurring item in the Diablo series which serves as a gateway to the Hidden Cow Level in Diablo 2 when mixed with a town portal in the Horodric Cube. However, the item can also be unlocked in Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event, where it serves a different, but related, purpose. It also comes with a transmog, so is worth hunting down.

Wirt himself was an NPC in the original Diablo who sells incredibly overpriced weapons and armor to the hero. However, his main value is as a lore dump, as Wirt will reveal secrets that the other townsfolk are too scared to say.


The cheeky but opportunistic boy lost his leg to The Butcher when Tristram Cathedral was invaded by demons, although the town blacksmith, Griswold, was able to save his life. Wirt then attached a pegleg to his stump.

However, Wirt was eventually killed when the town of Tristram fell in Diablo 2, leading the player to discover his body and loot his leg – and all the money he had amassed in the previous game.

Wirt's dead body
Things didn’t end well for Wirt.

Unlocking Wirt’s Leg

Here’s how to get Wirt Leg in Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event:

  • Once you’ve obtained the Rotten Mushroom and activated the hidden quest, bring it back to Tristram and activate Adria’s Cauldron to produce the Witch’s Brew.
  • Take the Witch’s Brew to the dead body of the town drunk Farnham to receive the Drunkard’s Debt.
  • Take the Drunkard’s Debt to the corpse of Ogden (the innkeeper) which will produce Garda’s Letter.
  • Take Garda’s Letter to the healer Pepin’s corpse to produce the Healer’s Prescription.
  • Finally, take the Healer’s Prescription to the dead blacksmith Griswold to finally obtain Wirt’s Leg.

Wirt’s Leg is classed as a legendary mace and will grant you with a new transmog choice once obtained.


However, like in Diablo 2, Wirt’s Leg also still has links to cows and can be used for something extra special – a new pet.

royal calf in-game
The Royal Calf once obtained.

How to get the Royal Calf pet

The Royal Calf is a baby Hell Bovine, but unlike those that reside in Diablo 2’s secret cow level, this one is friendly towards the player. It can also be taken into battle as a pet to collect gold for you while you’re in combat.

Here’s how to unlock the Royal Calf in Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event:

  • First obtain Wirt’s Leg by following the instructions above and salvage the item.
  • Once Wirt’s Leg has been salvaged, it will yield an item called a Map of the Stars that reads ‘2-1-3’ on it.
  • Take the Map of the Stars to Adria’s Hut and approach the dead cows nearby.
  • Activate the dead cows in the order of the Map of the Stars. Click them in this sequence; middle, left, right.
  • If done correctly, this will trigger the Abandoned Farmstead entrance to open.
  • Enter and inspect Wirt’s Stash, a chest with containing some gold and the Royal Calf pet to be used in all of Diablo 3.

Like all pets in Diablo 3, the Royal Calf can’t aid in combat. It’s mostly just a cosmetic cow that follows you around. However, it may pick up a lot of gold you may otherwise miss, and let’s not forget – it’s royalty.


So that’s everything you need to know about unlocking Wirt’s Leg and the Royal Calf in Diablo 3’s Darkening of Tristram anniversary event! Looking to brush up on your D3 knowledge coming into Season 25? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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