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Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram dungeon guide: Loot, bosses & rewards

Published: 31/Dec/2021 14:17 Updated: 31/Dec/2021 14:26

by Sam Smith


Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event is back, here’s everything you need to know about braving the depths of Tristram Cathedral in this throwback to Diablo 1.

After first appearing back in 2017, Diablo 3 has resurrected its beloved The Darkening of Tristram event for a second go around. This means that the dungeons of the original Diablo have been faithfully recreated in the Diablo 3 engine, this includes each area’s, enemies and bosses. There’s also lots of new delicious loot to be found for a limited time only.

If you’re reentering the demon-infested Cathedral for Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event, here’s a complete guide to what awaits you in terms of enemies, bosses, and rewards. Be warned, your journey will take you straight down into Hell, where the Lord of Terror awaits.



diablo 3 darkening of tristram anniversary event 2021 the butcher in the cathedral
Blizzard Entertainment
Welcome back to the Cathedral that started it all in the Diablo universe.

How to access each level in The Darkening of Tristram

Diablo 3’s The Darkening of Tristram event replicates the areas from Diablo 1 as players go deeper and deeper underground. The maps are randomly generated, but most follow a linear structure when it comes to descending to the next level.

You’ll just need to explore the level until you find the stairs down to the next one. Just make sure you explore thoroughly if you want to find all the available loot. Most of it is dropped by the unique enemies that populate each level.

Unlike Diablo 2 and 3, you’ll just need to head down to the next level to progress, so finding the stairs is enough. As you go deeper, the areas will change and the enemies will get tougher. Once you reach the depths of Tristram Cathedral you’ll then enter the Catacombs. Beneath that is a Cave system that leads down to Hell itselfWhere Diablo himself will challenge you.


Level Notable Loot Monsters Bosses and unique enemies
Level 1 None Fallen One
Skeleton Skeleton Captain
Level 2 (The Butcher’s Lair) The Butcher’s Cleaver, Ring of Truth Carver, Devil Kin and Fallen One
Skeleton and Skeleton Captain
Zombie and Rotting Carcass
The Butcher
Rotfeast the Hungry
Level 3 (The Skeleton King’s Lair) The Undead Crown Black Death and Ghoul
Carver, Dark One
Burning Dead Skeletons, Corpse Skeletons, Skeleton Archer, Horror
Plague Eater and Shadow Beast
Leoric the Skeleton King
Madeye the Dead
Brokenhead Bangshield
Level 4 Harlequin Crest Dark One and Devil Kin
Rotting Carcass
Flesh Clan
Gharbad the Weak
Blacklash the Burning
The Catacombs
Level 5 Arkaine’s Valor (After solving the puzzle)
Empyrean Band
Flesh Clan
Winged Demon
Bloodskin Darkbow
Level 6 None Fire Clan, Stone Clan, Flesh Clan
Horror Archer and Horror Captain
Bone Gasher, Acid Beast
Deathshade Fleshmaul
Bilefroth the Pit Master
Level 7 Optic Amulet Mud Man
Night Clan Khazra
Illusion Weaver
Blighthorn Steelmace
Nightwing the Cold
Level 8 None Blood Stone, Magma Demon
Toad Demon, Mud Man
Poison Spitter, Acid Beast
Night Clan
Zhar the Mad
Firewound the Grim
Baron Sludge
The Caves
Level 9 Black Mushroom Illusion Weaver
Night Clan
Mud Runner
Toad Demon
Magma Demon
Level 10 Griswold’s Edge, Anvil of Fury Mud Runner
Toad Demon
Death Wing
Night Clan
The Flayer
Goldblight of the Flame
Level 11 None Death Wing
Frost Charger
Cave Viper
Red Storm
Level 12 None Storm Lord, Storm Rider, Maelstrom
Black Knight
Lava Maw
Fire Drake
Flayed One
Obsidian Lord
Lionskull the Bent
Level 13 None Steel Lord
Warlord of Blood
Level 14 Veil of Steel Counselor, Magistrate
Black Knight, Doom guard
Fire Drake, Gold Viper
Hell Spawn
Steelskull the Hunter
Graywar the Slayer
Stareye the Witch
Level 15 None Snow Witch, Soul Burner, Hell Spawn
Steel Lord, Blood Knight
Azure Drake
The Vizier
Unholy Altar None Advocate
Soul Burner
Arch-Bishop Lazarus
Red Vex
Level 16 (Diablo’s Lair) None Blood Knight
Sire Gorash


Diablo in Resurrected art
Diablo himself is the final boss of The Darkening of Tristram.

How to beat the Darkening of Tristram bosses

Here’s how to beat each of the bosses in the Darkening of Tristram event:

The Butcher

The Butcher Diablo 1
The mighty Butcher in The Darkening of Tristram.

Like he was in the original Diablo and Diablo 3, The Butcher is the first major test of the Darkening of Tristram. Here resembles his Diablo 1 version more closely, but despite his smaller size, he’s no less deadly.

He doesn’t level to match your character, so we’d advise leveling up a few times before you face him. As he only appears on Level 2, it’s tempting to just rush right at him, but doing so can be deadly.

The Butcher can be taken down with ease from a distance, but melee characters should proceed with caution. You can lure him around the scenery and swipe at him while he’s moving, then repeat. He also cannot open doors so use that to your advantage.


The big brute is resistant to fire and lightning too, but poison is a great way to chip away at his health while you’re avoiding his attacks. Minions and followers will also be useful when it comes to distracting him.

Leoric: The Skeleton King

The Skeleton King gameplay
The Skeleton King in The Darkening of Tristram.

Leoric looks fearsome but can be taken down with some careful cat and mouse gameplay. He’ll be protected by a group of skeleton archers, but these don’t take too long to cut through. Once you do, Leoric himself will be exposed to your attacks.

Be careful though, as Leoric uses a deadly Life Stealing attack that hits hard. Not only does it drain your health, but it also heals him too. So, get in, hit him hard, and get out before he has a chance to use it. Followers and minions can help to distract him but be warned, he can steal their life too.


Ranged attacks de-tooth his life stealing abilities, so this is often the safest way to put him down.

Arch-Bishop Lazarus

Arch Bishop Lazarus boss
Arch Bishop Lazarus in the event.

Lazarus is surrounded by a retinue of Succubi, so cleave through them before you attack the corrupt bishop himself. Once his minions are dead, Lazarus himself isn’t too hard to defeat once you get up close, or pepper him with spells.

He’s a caster, so he’s most dangerous from a distance. He’s immune to base magic and resistant to fire and lightning, but ice spells will make short work of him – as will a few well-placed axe blows.



diablo in The Darkening of Tristram
Diablo is the final boss in The Darkening of Tristram.

As you’d expect, and just like at the end of the original Diablo, The Lord of Terror is the final boss of the Darkening of Tristram event. The good news is that Diablo fights a lot like his other forms from the Diablo series. He shoots red lightning and gallops around the map swiping at you if you get too close.

The fight isn’t as tough as it is in other Diablo boss battles, but The Dark Lord can still be deadly to newer characters. Our advice is to keep moving and fire projectiles at him from a distance. When he runs around try to head him off and land strikes before he can recover and counter-attack.

He’s resistant to nearly all forms of magic and can kill melee characters in just a couple of hits. In truth, there’s no easy way to take him down. It just takes persistence, guile, and good luck. If you’re struggling, level up some more and come back, The Lord of Terror will fall to you eventually.

Darkening of Tristram Rewards

Beating the Darkening of Tristram event leads to the following cosmetics and item rewards:

  • Butcher Pet
  • Royal Calf Pet
  • The Butcher’s Cleaver weapon transmog
  • Wirt’s Leg weapon transmog
  • Classic Angel Portrait
  • Classic Demon Potrait
  • Dungeon completion banner

Although for many long-time Diablo fans, getting to replay Diablo 1 within Diablo 3 is its own reward!

So that’s everything you need to know about Diablo 3’s Darkening of Tristram anniversary event! Looking to brush up on your D3 knowledge coming into Season 25? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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