Will Defiant Engrams expire in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep?

the war table as seen in destiny 2 HELM planet for seasonal activites.Bungie

With Season of the Deep around the corner, players are wondering what to do with their spare Defiant Engrams. Will they expire once Season 20 ends or are you safe to stack them up? This is our guide on will Defiant Engrams expire at the start of Destiny 2 Season of the Deep.

The Season of Defiance introduced Defiant Engrams through the seasonal HELM activities. These Engrams are common drops that can be spent at the War Table.

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Players can cash these Engrams in for a range of rewards including weapons and armor. Season 20’s HELM rewards include some awesome craftable guns with the likes of the Perpetualis, Raconteur, and Regnant.

However, with some players stacking up hundreds of Defiant Engrams it’s unclear if they need to spend them before the Season of the Deep gets underway.


destiny 2 war table rewards for focusing defiant engrams

Will Defiant Engrams expire in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep?

No, Defiant Engrams will not expire after the Season of the Deep begins. This was confirmed on Bungie.net’s community forums.

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Responding to a thread asking about the Defiant Engrams, a Bungie helper responded: “Hey there. No, [Defiant Engrams] will not go away at the end of the Season.”

This is contrasting information to what Bungie has previously stated with the Destiny 2 developer claiming that every Vendor’s Engrams would expire after Season 20 ended.

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What should I spend Defiant Engrams on in Destiny 2?

If you don’t want to hold onto your Defiant Engrams it is recommended to spend them on getting all of the craftable weapons available.

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By focusing Defiant Engrams at the War Table you can earn a range of weapons. These are the best weapons and traits that you should focus on acquiring first:

  • Perpetualis: Zen Moment/Keep Away, Hatchling
  • Prodigal Return: Lead From Gold/Envious Assassin, Voltshot/Demolitionist
  • Raconteur: Archer’s Tempo, Explosive Head/Headstone
  • Regnant: Auto Loading Holster, Explosive Light/Destabilizing Rounds

Furthermore, you can focus Defiant Engrams to earn Recovered Leviathan weapons. As with the seasonal weapons, these are craftable:

  • Seasonal Decree: Threat Detector/Slideshot, Opening Shot

That’s it for if Defiant Engrams will expire in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. For more Destiny 2 content check out some other helpful guides here:

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