Why is Destiny 3 trending on Twitter? Player frustrations reach boiling point

Destiny 2 Guardians looking at Storm on NeomunaBungie

Destiny 3 has begun trending on Twitter after players’ frustrations reaches a boiling point with the buggy state of the current game.

Destiny 2 has had a bit of a rough time as of recent. With the lackluster reception of the recent Lightfall expansion, players were uncertain about the future of Destiny and its story. This was only worsened by the lack of difficulty in the most recent raid the Root of Nightmares, which had players scratching their heads.

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Now the most recent patch of Destiny 2 has introduced several bugs into the game, causing player frustrations to rise ever higher as Bungie frantically scrambles to fix the issues. Some of the community have spoken about how Destiny 2 has outlived its original purpose, implying that a Destiny 3 is needed.

The discourse has caused Destiny 3 to hit trending on Twitter, sparking even more debate on the subject. Many are split on the potential existence of a Destiny 3, with some users completely on board with a revamp of the game.

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Those for the sequel are wanting either a revamp of the current Destiny 2 formula in an older style, or are looking to have a new engine added to prevent errors and issues from occurring.

“New engine, transfer everything because there’s no need for a new start, profit. I’m very curious if it’s possible for them to move over to unreal 5 or something.” A Twitter user asked.

Another added, “Give me Destiny 3 but change the game from the norm give us the old scrapped Destiny 1 style of game.”

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However, not all of the Destiny community were keen on another entry. Some just simply outright refusing the idea with a short “No.”

Others were concerned about the time it would take for a new game, as well as the loss of all the hard work put into the existing one.

“Once you go to a new engine, you can’t just transfer everything. Most things will have to rebuilt. Depending on what engine they go to determines the workload.” a user pointed out.

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Bungie has spoken about the future of Destiny 2 and confirmed in their Lightfall showcase that Destiny 3 would not be releasing anytime soon, or if all. So players may have to wait a fair amount of time before the next entry of the franchise.

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