Ultimate Destiny 2 Expunge guide: How to unlock, best Gauntlet upgrades, more

Julian Young
Destiny 2 Expunge Season of Splicer Activity With Logo

In addition to its Vex-themed Override activity, Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer brought players a new weekly mission: Expunge. Here’s everything you need to know about the activity and the best strategies for completing its variants.

Destiny 2’s latest season, Season of the Splicer, has graced players with meaningful story developments and powerful new guns to chase. In addition, the season introduced a pair of new activities: first Override, and then Expunge.

Kicking off the second week of the season, players jumped into the new Expunge mission with high expectations after last season’s weekly Presage mission was a smash hit.

While Expunge doesn’t follow the same formula that awed players during their Presage runs, the activity offers some extremely impressive Vex-themed visuals and mechanics to conquer. Here’s everything you need to know about Expunge in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer.


Destiny 2 Expunge Season of Splicer Activity 1
Season of the Splicer’s weekly mission has arrived — here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to unlock Destiny 2’s Expunge mission

Before jumping into Expunge, you’ll need to make sure it’s been unlocked, and to do that, you need to be totally caught up on the seasonal questline involving Mithrax and his Path of the Splicer quests.

If you’ve been keeping up with each new quest step as it’s been unlocked, you should already have the first Expunge mission, Labyrinth, available. If not, you’ll need to work your way through those quests and reach the Path of the Splicer III step.

After starting Path of the Splicer III, Mithrax will send you over to the Tangled Shore to complete its Override encounter. As usual, make sure you have some Key Codes with you before entering the mission, as you’ll need at least one to unlock a special chest at the end of your run.

Once you’ve completed that Override mission, a Conflux Chest will be located near the standard, post-boss loot container. Make sure you interact with the Conflux Chest to get the ‘Message received’ quest step, and then talk to Mithrax once more to unlock Expunge.

Destiny 2 Expunge Season of Splicer Activity 4
Before diving into Expunge, you’ll need to make sure you’re caught up on the seasonal questline.

Destiny 2’s Expunge weekly mission explained

Expunge is Season of the Splicer’s weekly mission, and many players might be expecting something similar to last season’s Presage pinnacle missions. However, while Expunge is something you’ll want to complete each week, it’s a bit different from what players experienced last season.

You’ll still be required to complete activities similar to other weekly missions — platforming, unlocking secrets and puzzles, and dealing with enemies. There are also multiple variations of the mission, so you’ll be tackling different areas, objectives, and enemies as the season progresses.

The recommended power level for Expunge activities is between 1290 and 1300, easy enough to reach for most players. You’ll also be dealing with specialized enemies like Barrier and Overload Champions, so make sure to bring some weapons equipped with the mods you’ll need to counter them.

Expunge will have you diving back into the Vex network, and while these missions aren’t tied to a new seasonal exotic (at least, not that we know of), and is more in line with the Interference missions from Season of Arrivals, it’s definitely something you’ll want to knock out each week — and here’s exactly how to do it.

Destiny 2 Expunge Season of Splicer Activity 3
Expunge will see you jumping into the Vex network for a race against time.

How to complete Expunge: Labyrinth in Destiny 2

The first Expunge mission takes place on the Tangled Shore. Open the Director, select Expunge: Labyrinth, and you’ll be transported into the Vex network in no time. After loading in, you’ll be assigned the objective ‘Breach the Nexus’, and you can now head into the network and follow your objective marker.

The Vex maze will shift and change as you make your way through, opening up new areas as you go. Keep a close eye out for any new passageways that appear (as you’ll often seem stuck but might have missed a new route that opened up) and follow the path as it’s revealed.

After you’ve made a bit of headway, Mithrax will contact you with a warning: the Vex are attempting to purge you from the network. You’ll hear an ominous noise, and a bright Vex grid will appear back from where you came. You’ll now need to outrun the purge, as if it reaches you, you’ll be eliminated.

Keep pushing forward as quickly as you can, and you’ll eventually reach a small Vex portal that will teleport you to a new platforming section. Look out for any Vex constructs you can shoot to unlock the path, and carefully make your way across these platforms to proceed.

Destiny 2 Expunge Season of Splicer Activity 5
As you push further into the Vex network, more challenges will appear.

The next curveball will appear after defeating an enemy that drops a Data Spike. Pick up this glowing Vex orb, and carry it with you until you reach a terminal and are prompted to deposit the data, which will then allow you to continue.

Whenever you see red Vex grids appear, make sure to destroy them to clear out your path. You’ll also occasionally be trapped inside Vex barriers, which you’ll need to destroy to keep moving (similar to the detain mechanic from Vault of Glass).

Eventually, you’ll reach an arena where Fantis, the Oppressive Mind, will appear and attack you. After damaging Fantis, the Vex will become shielded and immune to your attacks. Seek out and defeat two enemies that will drop Data Spikes, which you’ll then need to slot into the appropriate terminals to bring down the shield.

Once the Oppressive Mind is vulnerable again, hit the Vex with everything you’ve got. Defeating him will reward some loot, seasonal currency, and complete the Expunge: Labyrinth mission.

Destiny 2 Expunge Season of Splicer Activity 2
We’ll be facing off against more Vex as the mission builds on the previous weeks.

How to complete Expunge: Styx in Destiny 2

The second Expunge mission, Styx, can be launched from the Moon. Open up the Director, select the mission, and you’ll be teleported into the Vex network shortly after.

You’ll once again find yourself navigating the twisting maze that makes up the Vex network, and many of the same strategies from Labyrinth still apply: keep an eye out for hidden routes, outrun any purges the Vex send your way, and speed through the maze until you hit the final portal.

The small Vex gate will throw you into a new area full of Vex architecture. Mithrax will inform you that several barriers are blocking your path, and you’ll need to destroy a small Vex artifact and pick up the Authentication Key it drops to clear the way — similar to the Data Spikes found in Expunge: Labyrinth.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Vex Network
The second Expunge mission, Styx, will have you diving into the Vex network yet again.

Use the first key to open a gate blocking your path (watching out for any Vex defenses along the way), then grab another key sitting on the other side of the barrier. Either shoot or maneuver your way through the enemies in the next section before reaching a shielded turret with another key slot nearby.

After depositing the second key, you’ll notice two other slots need to be filled. Clear out the two areas adjacent to the turret room, each containing another Authentication Key needed to fill those slots, and you’ll finally be able to take down the shield and face off against Dikast, the Oppressive Mind.

The Vex boss will fire projectiles at you while spawning defenses throughout the arena. After being damaged, its shield will regenerate and you’ll need to take it down with another Authentication Key. Bring down the shield, finish the boss with another round of damage, and the mission will be complete.

Destiny 2 Expunge Tartarus Mission Enemies
Destiny 2’s Expunge missions are ramping up as Season of the Splicer continues.

How to complete Expunge: Tartarus in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s third Expunge variant, Tartarus, can be initiated from a node on Europa. Open up the icy moon in the Director, select the mission, and you’ll be plunging back into the network once again.

Like weeks past, you’ll make your way through a short platforming section, and after hopping through a Vex portal you’ll be transported into the meat of the mission.

Tartarus includes more platforming through the Vex domain, but features a much heavier concentration of environmental defenses. Your progress will also be halted by several impassable barriers, so keep an eye out for any conduits or confluxes that can help you clear the way.

Destiny 2 Expunge Tartarus Mission Obstacles
Expunge: Tartarus will throw plenty of Vex obstacles your way.

Eventually, Vex enemies will begin to spawn and you’ll need to fend them off while making sure to avoid any obstacles  that continue to delay your progress.

Eventually Dimio, the Oppressive Mind will appear and you’ll need to promptly take the Vex Hydra out. It will occasionally throw up a shield after taking a bit of damage, which you can bring down by destroying two more conduits that spawn nearby each time.

After a few damage phases, Dimio will fall and Expunge: Tartarus will wind down. You’ll be treated to the typical post-mission rewards and exposition from Ikora, Mithrax, and Osiris, after which the mission will be complete.

How to complete Expunge: Corrupted Labyrinth in Destiny 2

The fourth Expunge variation will see you return to week one’s Labyrinth in the Tangled Shore — but this time, you’ll be fighting your way through a new, Taken-infested version of the original mission.

After the introductory maze section, you’ll quickly realize something is amiss, as the Vex domain is now filled with Taken corruption. Keep an eye out any Vex defenses and new Taken obstacles as well — many of which can send you plummeting to an untimely death if you aren’t careful.

Proceed through the mission’s platforming component, fighting off enemies and depositing data spikes to clear the way. You won’t have to wait long before the typical Vex enemies are joined by Taken forces as well — all of which you’ll need to clear out as you push forward.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Expunge Savathun Teasers Lore
Lore revealed during the Corrupted Labyrinth mission hints at future story developments coming in the Witch Queen.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the final arena from week one’s Expunge mission — but in keeping with the new Taken theme, you’ll be facing off against a corrupted version of the first Expunge boss: Fantis, Oppressive Mind Reborn.

After blasting through your initial damage phase, you’ll need to drop Fantis’s shield and make him vulnerable to your attacks again. Defeat each of the Nexus Guardians that spawn in, deposit the data spikes they drop, then take the Vex Minotaur down once and for all.

As the mission winds down, you’ll receive the usual armor and season material rewards, but will also be treated to some serious lore implications tied to the upcoming Witch Queen expansion (which will likely be expanded upon in the remaining weeks of the season).

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Tower Taken Quria
As Expunge continues to develop each week, its effects are felt (and seen) in the Tower.

How to complete Expunge: Corrupted Styx in Destiny 2

Continuing the trend started by Corrupted Labyrinth, Expunge’s Corrupted Styx variant will also throw you up against a combination of Vex and Taken enemies as you make your way through the network once again.

Initiate the mission from its node on the Moon, and follow the familiar trail into the Vex network after loading in. Like the original Styx mission, you’ll need to make your way through any defenses blocking the path while collecting and depositing Authentication Keys to clear the way.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Override Expunge Corrupted Styx Mission
Expunge: Corrupted Styx brings us one step closer to finding and defeating Quria.

You’ll soon find yourself back in the mission’s turret room, with another barrier standing between you and the final boss. Deposit the first of three Authentication Keys, then clear out the two adjacent rooms to obtain more keys you can use to bring down the barrier.

Once you’ve located each key, you’ll need to defeat a Nexus Guardian or complete a brief jumping section, respectively, to unlock the items. Grab the two keys, deposit them both in the central room, and you’ll soon find yourself facing off against the final boss: Dikast, Oppressive Mind Reborn.

Hit the Vex turret with your weapons and abilities, then find and cash in one last Authentication Key to bring down the shield it throws up in the middle of the fight. Target the boss with one more round of damage to destroy it once and for all, and the mission will be a wrap.

How to complete Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus in Destiny 2

Season of the Splicer’s final Corrupted mission throws you into an updated version of the last un-infected Expunge activity you overcame earlier in the season: Tartarus.

Boot up the new version of Tartarus on Europa and make sure you have anti-Overload weapons or mods equipped. After loading in, scurry through the opening corridors and ledges of the Vex network until you reach the meat of the mission.

Like the original iteration of Expunge: Tartarus, the Corrupted variant features a heavy focus on platforming and environmental obstacles. Make your way safely through the opening area, avoiding Vex defenses and shutting down any barriers in your way.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Expunge Vex Network 2
Expunge: Corrupted Tartarus continues the Taken invasion of the Vex network.

After delving deep enough into the network, Vex and Taken enemies will appear. Take out any opponents blocking your path, watch out for additional defenses, and fight your way through the area to your final encounter with Dimio, the Oppressive Mind Reborn.

The Vex Hydra will spawn in the center of the final room. After wearing down its health bar, Dimio will teleport to safety and a shield will appear around it. Locate and destroy any Vex conduits that pop up to bring down its shield, then finish off the boss once and for all.

After Dimio is destroyed, you can collect your post-mission rewards and listen in on the closing remarks from your allies. Their conversation sets the stage for an epic showdown against Season of the Splicer’s true enemy, who’s behind the Endless Night engulfing the Last City: Quria.

How to complete Expunge: Delphi in Destiny 2

Expunge: Delphi is the final iteration of this Destiny 2 activity, and features your much-anticipated showdown with Quria, who’s been tormenting the Last City during Season of the Splicer while also setting the stage for Savathun’s arrival in next year’s Witch Queen expansion.

Initiate the final Expunge mission from its node on Europa, making sure to bring your most powerful gear and weapons with you, as this version of the activity features a hefty recommended power level of 1310, and contains both Barrier and Overload champions.

After proceeding through the opening section, you’ll be transported into the main segment of the Vex network, which features heavy Taken corruption (something that aligns with Quria’s role as an agent of Savathun).

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Expunge Vex Network 1
Destiny 2’s Expunge: Delphi will be your final foray into the Vex network to face down Quria.

Delphi features a mishmash of previous Expunge missions, so you’ll be platforming, depositing data spikes, avoiding obstacles, and fighting both Vex and Taken enemies — think back on your previous runs if you become stuck on one arena or mechanic.

After fighting through the mission to its final arena, your showdown with Quria will begin. You’ll need to contend with plenty of mechanics during this encounter: environmental obstacles, detainment, and various enemies will stand between you and your ultimate Vex opponent.

You’ll need to identify and deposit various Authentication Keys to bring down Quria’s shields, while also facing off against powerful Taken and Vex enemies. Throughout this process, continue wearing down Quria’s health pool with weapons and abilities between her immunity phases.

Quria should finally be destroyed after three damage phases, and the epic confrontation will be complete. Enjoy your hard-earned victory, listen to your comrades discuss the future, and look out for Savathun when the Witch Queen drops next year — she won’t take kindly to your destruction of her champion.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Gauntlet
Unlocking the right Gauntlet upgrades can make your Expunge runs easier and more efficient.

Best Splicer Gauntlet upgrades for Destiny 2’s Expunge mission

Your exact experience during your Expunge runs will also depend on the Splicer Gauntlet upgrades you’ve unlocked. While having as many upgrades as possible will certainly help in general, several specific unlocks will make the missions much easier.

When you first pick up Path of the Splicer III, you’ll be granted the Codebreaker upgrade, allowing you to exploit vulnerabilities in the Vex network to gain deeper access. This will help you move through the Expunge missions more easily.

In addition, you’ll want to unlock any other upgrades that make your path through the activity easier. Codestrider will provide additional platforms and shortcuts for you to take advantage of, while Deletion Exclusion will reduce damage from Vex defenses while inside the network.

Wirewalker can help reveal other paths through the mission that serve as shortcuts. Making sure you’ve unlocked anything that helps to shorten the time between jumping into Expunge and defeating the final boss is well worth taking.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get started with Expunge, making your way through its Labyrinth and Styx variants, and the best Gauntlet upgrades to help cut down your run times. Make sure to check back for additional tips and tricks as more Expunge missions are unlocked.