Tfue explains what Destiny 2 needs to change to be “good again”

Isaac McIntyre
Bungie / Twitch: Tfue

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has taken a swipe at his very first video gaming love, dubbing Destiny 2 “cringe” and “simple,” and suggesting there are a few key elements Bungie need to look at fixing before it can be “good again.”

Before Fortnite and before his explosion in popularity on Twitch, Tfue was a Guardian, and a damn good one at that ⁠— the young star set hefty records in the competitive Trials of Osiris playlist during the early days of the title.

His love for Bungie’s planet-hopping looter-shooter eventually waned, however, and in 2016 he announced he had “officially retired” from Destiny. That was, until the devs announced its top PvP mode, Trials, was returning.

Destiny’s top-tier competitive mode, Trials of Osiris, is returning after being benched for years.

Tenney jumped back in his Destiny spaceship during his March 9 stream, and soon set about tearing the game. From map design, to “helping noob players” and the “cringe” gunplay in the Crucible, Tfue didn’t hold back in his rant.

“It’s just easy to outgun people in this game… deadass. People don’t have to know how to aim in the game to be good,” he said after his third consecutive death in a Rumble match. “Shotgun players are so cringe too.”

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The “easy aiming” the Destiny franchise had developed over the past years had also given rise to a number of unskilled players who were “still able to go well,” Tfue added. “These kids play every day, and I’m still sh*tting on these bots.”

Considering Tfue cut his teeth in the franchise on Destiny 1, which was released all the way back in 2014, he did admit the game may have changed a lot since he was gone. That wasn’t an excuse to make it “simple” though, he said.

“Destiny 1 was lit. Destiny 2 now is so simple… it’s f**king dogsh*t,” he said.

Twitch: Tfue
Tfue flexed his Destiny 2 belt on-stream as he returned to Bungie’s franchise.

If Bungie really wants their franchise to grow he said, they have to look at their gunplay, and not cater to casual players. They also need to “add more big maps,” and get rid of “so many corridors,” the Twitch star added.

“What they need is some really open, long-ranged maps. That way people can’t just slide around corners and blow you away with a shotgun,” he said. “The spawns are so bad too, whoever designed the maps are obviously stupid.”

While Tfue didn’t hold back in his scathing of his once-loved franchise, he did admit there were a few things Bungie had done “much better” than his new flame, Fortnite. In particular, he brought up the hot topic of aim assist.

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“This game is better than Fortnite [in that regard] because there’s aim involved,” he explained. “The one thing I do like about this game is that controller players only have aim assist, so it’s okay if there’s a few of them in your lobby.”

Considering the Twitch star has had a lot of problems with Fortnite recently ⁠— he unloaded on skill-based matchmaking earlier this week, and suggested Chapter 2 had ruined the game for him ⁠— maybe he’s on the lookout for a new game.

Right now, it may not be Destiny, considering his near-hour long deluge of complaints about the title in his first stream back. If Bungie were paying attention though, maybe the devs can make the suggested tweaks.

Between that, and if the Trials of Osiris launch is as popular as Destiny fans believe it might be, maybe, just maybe, the franchise’s prodigal son could return full-time. Who knows with Tfue though ⁠— even Warzone might tempt him now.