Destiny 2 glitch creates shotguns that can solo raid bosses post-patch

Heritage legendary shotgun one-shots Vault of Glass raid boss with crafting glitch in destiny 2.

Another variant of the infamous crafting glitch has emerged. Although it isn’t quite as broken as the first version, Destiny 2 players can still use the exploit to create shotguns that can solo raid bosses and even put Heavy weapons like Legend of Acrius to shame.

Destiny players discovered a game-breaking glitch on September 15 that allowed weapon frames to be merged resulting in some of the most broken guns in the looter shooter’s history. This remained possible over the weekend before eventually being patched on September 18.

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The glitch involved capping Destiny’s frame rate as low as possible and then using the crafting interface. After that setup, you would select one gun and then quickly switch to another to transfer the original’s frame onto the second weapon.

Although most of the methods to do this have been patched and no longer work some Guardians have discovered a new variant that is almost as deadly.

Destiny 2 crafting glitch creates shotguns that put Legend of Acrius to shame

The new crafting glitch involves crafting an Aggressive-frame Sniper like Succession or Volta Bracket into a Pinpoint Slug-frame Shotgun like Heritage or Nessa’s Oblation.

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This combination creates shotguns that deal hundreds of thousands of damage per shot and can even approach the 500k mark in specific encounters.

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Destiny 2 content creator Luckyy 10P showed off the glitch in a video uploaded on September 18. By taking advantage of Well of Radiance and Frenzy he was able to beat VoG raid boss The Templar alone without even having to reload.

Unlike the original crafting glitch, there are a couple of downsides to this variant. One, it creates a shotgun that has limited range and therefore requires Guardians to get in more dangerous positions to benefit from its freakish damage.

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The bigger issue though for many players is that this version is much less accessible than its predecessor. Unless you have both a craftable Aggressive-frame Sniper Rifle and Pinpoint Slug-frame Shotgun it isn’t possible.

While Volta Bracket can be farmed from Neomuna, there isn’t a craftable Slug-frame shotgun in Destiny 2 that can be farmed without either completing raids or using Deepsight Harmonizers. By the time enough Red Borders are received from raid farming, it’s likely this crafting glitch will have been patched.

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