Insane Destiny 2 exploit allows players to create 12-man raid teams

Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Guardians With Raid Logo Season of the Chosen TextBungie

In one of the craziest Destiny 2 bugs to date, players are using careful planning — and a bit of luck — to break the game’s player-limit on certain activities, resulting in never-before-seen 12-man raid teams and some hilarious consequences.

In a game as complex as Destiny 2 — with its dozens of interconnected game systems, playable activities, and collectible items — there are bound to be bugs and glitches that pop up from time-to-time, in varying degrees of severity.

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The action-MMO has certainly seen its share of game-breaking issues. From ability-related bugs that delayed Bungie’s Trials of Osiris release to quest-breaking glitches that stopped entire PVE activities from functioning correctly, the game has faced down plenty of problems in the past.

The newest bug to pop up in Destiny 2 is one that players have never seen before, and it provides some truly jaw-dropping entertainment value. The new exploit uncovered after the release of Season of the Chosen is allowing players to form 12-man raid teams, with some insane results.

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Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Taniks Raid BossBungie
A new glitch is allowing players to form double raids teams, and breaking the fireteam limit on some other activities as well.

12-player raids exploit in Destiny 2

In a video shared to YouTube on February 26, content creator ‘Scrub‘ broke down the new glitch and explained how players can test it out themselves, if they have the patience and coordination to make it work.

Scrub explained that to use the exploit, players need to form two separate fireteams with six players each. Then, both teams need to start up the same activity from the Director (like the Deep Stone Crypt raid), then have one fireteam join the other as the activity timer is counting down to zero.

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“Tell the other fireteam leader to join as soon as you see two seconds on the launch timer,” Scrub explained. He also clarified that the exact timing might differ depending on a number of factors (like where each player is located) but it will usually work best around the two-second mark.

If the timing is right, both fireteams will appear in the activity together once it loads. In Scrub’s video, twelve Guardians can clearly be seen hanging out in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which is double the amount of players Destiny 2 usually allows into that type of activity.

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Obviously, having twice the number of players present in any activity is seriously unbalanced. Scrub’s video showed the two fireteams making their way through the Deep Stone Crypt and absolutely melting each of the activity’s bosses in a matter of seconds.

While this glitch remains unresolved at the time of writing, the team at Bungie is aware of the issue. On February 26, Bungie community manager ‘dmg04’ tweeted out “Twelve what now?” confirming their team is aware of the bug, and presumably working on a fix.

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If you and some of your fellow Guardians want to experience the insanity of a twelve-man raid (or jump into a Dungeon or Nightfall with a nine-man team) you should make sure to test this exploit out for yourself before Bungie patches it out of the game.