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How to watch Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid race: Schedule, streams, more

Published: 22/May/2021 16:37 Updated: 22/May/2021 17:23

by Brad Norton


The Vault of Glass has returned in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer update and, of course, that means we’ve got another raid race on our hands. Here’s everything you need to know.

When it comes to Destiny’s biggest moments, nothing quite eclipses the hype of a good raid race. Viewership skyrockets on Twitch as hundreds of thousands tune in to see who can topple the latest challenge.

While we don’t have an entirely fresh raid this time around, we’ve still got an exciting day of action ahead. Seven years after its doors first opened on Venus, the Vault of Glass has finally arrived in Destiny 2.


With the returning raid comes some fresh adjustments to keep veteran Guardians on their toes. From when it all kicks off to where you can tune in, here’s what you need to know.

How to watch the Vault of Glass raid race in Destiny 2

The Vault of Glass raid will appear in Destiny 2’s Director for the first time at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 6PM GMT / 7PM CET on Saturday, May 22. Fireteams of six can launch into the activity right away and get to exploring the murky depths of Venus.

If you’re not participating in the day one race, you can still watch many of the most popular Destiny 2 streamers and content creators figure it all out instead.


From Clan Redeem’s multiple-time raid race winner Gladd, to original Vault of Glass contender Datto, to ProfessorBroman, who’s hosting his very own ‘Raid Day Tailgate,’ we’ve embedded some of the biggest names in Destiny 2 here for you to watch live.




How the Vault of Glass raid race works in Destiny 2

Destiny Vault of Glass gameplay
Fireteams will be opening the Vault once again as part of the latest Destiny raid race.

Given this is the first Destiny 1 raid re-launching inside Destiny 2, it marks new territory when it comes to the game’s prestigious raid races. Players already know what to expect after seven years with the activity, so how can there be a new race for world’s first?

As it turns out, Bungie is shaking things up in a unique way.


First of all, Contest Mode will be active for 24 hours after release. This kicks the difficulty up a notch as Guardians are required to meet the 1300 Power requirement for all raid encounters. The first step in the raid race is to clear the Vault of Glass with Contest Mode enabled.

Once the first run is out the way, teams will then begin the real part of the race. Returning to the Director, players who completed the raid in Content Mode will be able to select a new Challenge Mode for the activity.

Inside this Challenge Mode is a curated list of Triumphs called ‘Tempo’s Edge.’ The first fireteam to tick off every single Triumph in the new Challenge Mode will be crowned the official raid race winners.


Destiny 2 Vault of Glass raid belt
As usual, a shiny new belt is on the line for this raid race.

There’s no telling what these Triumphs might look like. They could have teams approaching each encounter in an entirely different way, or could simply turn up the difficulty to new extremes. Bungie hasn’t delved into specifics though the devs confirmed that players will need to “adapt” to some of the new differences.

This special assortment of tasks will only be available for the first 24 hours after the raid’s release. Once that time limit has expired, Tempo’s Edge will disappear from the Triumphs tab and Challenge Mode will be gone. Both are expected to return later in the Season, however.


Even though the raid is familiar territory for Destiny veterans, an entirely new set of challenges should lead to a particularly interesting race on day one. Be sure to check back here throughout the day as we update you on who’s leading the pack.