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How to unlock Ager’s Scepter & catalyst: Destiny 2 Exotic Trace Rifle guide

Published: 16/Sep/2021 4:25 Updated: 16/Sep/2021 4:40

by Alec Mullins


Ager’s Scepter is one of the new Exotic weapons in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost. Let’s take a look at the weapon, and more importantly, the quests you’ll need to complete before you can get your hands on it. 

The list of Exotics grows bigger this season with the arrival of the Season Pass exclusive Lorentz Driver, and the Mara Sov protected Ager’s Scepter. Both of these weapons featured prominently in the Season 15 reveal trailer and fans have been eager to get their hands on them ever since.

While the Lorentz Driver has now been fully tested, our greedy hands move onto Ager’s Scepter and the insanely long set of quests that allow us to collect it.


Here’s everything you need to know about Tracing the Stars, Astral Skews, and the path to the Scepter.

How to get Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2

Exotic trace rifle Ager's Scepter in Destiny 2
This is the gorgeous new Trace Rifle available in Season 15

There is a long road in front of you if you want to pick this one up for yourself. Before you can even get started on the road towards this weapon you’ll need to complete the intro quest to Season 15, Wayfinder’s Voyage. In this quest, you’ll begin by tracking down Osiris before eventually working with Mara Sov and Petra Venj.

The quest isn’t difficult but it will take some time, as it will take you back and forth from the H.E.L.M. in-between parts. Before it’s all said and done you’ll travel to Trostland, the Shattered Realm, and finally, The Tower, where you’ll speak with Ikora Rey and complete the quest.


After you’re done with all that, you’ll be able to accept Tracing the Stars from the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M.

Collect Astral Skews in Tracing the Stars

These quests are a bit of a headache. Each week Mara Sov will send you on a fetch quest through a different part of the Dreaming City. The goal is to collect five objects called Astral Skews, which have been inconveniently spread out across the entirety of the city.

Here’s how each week has broken down so far.

  1. Week One: Divalian Mists/Spine of Keres
  2. Week Two: The Strand/Aphelion’s Rest
  3. Week Three: Rheasilvia/Harbinger’s Seclude
  4. Week 4: Confluence/Harbinger/Gardens of Esila

If you haven’t yet completed these quests, you can find all of our guides here.


Unfortunately, even after you collect the skews there is still one final step in the process.

Complete A Hollow Coronation

This is the final step of the quest. Deposit the Skews here in the Gatehouse and claim your prize.

As stated in our guides, A Hollow Coronation is a mandatory companion quest for Tracing the Stars. This one is much easier though. You simply need to return to the H.E.L.M. and travel through the same gate that previously took you to Mara Sov’s chambers, but instead, you’ll be dumped out into Caliburn Gatehouse.

This is where you will deposit Astral Skews and collect some helpful lore from Uldren each week. When you’re done here, return back through the portal and collect your reward at the Wayfinder’s Compass.


Collect Vulpecula, Fractethyst, Chrysura Melo, and Ager’s Scepter

Fractethyst is a Legendary shotgun. It is the second reward in the Tracing the Stars questline.

When you return to the compass you will be able to collect a reward for your weekly efforts.

Each week’s reward is a different class of weapon.

  1. Week One: Vulpecula – Legendary Hand Cannon
  2. Week Two: Fractethyst – Legendary Shotgun
  3. Week Three: Chrysura Melo – Legendary Auto Rifle

The process to collect the Scepter is a little different. You’ll have to complete additional steps in the quest A Hollow Coronation. This means completing some Astral Alignments, a few Strikes, and having Mara Sov craft a Noble Seal for you before it’s all said and done.

New exotic in Season of the Lost, Ager's Scepter
The Scepter is finally ours. It’s hard not to feel like we did all the hard work while Mara just sat around in her bedroom the whole time.

When you’re all done with that, you will be allowed into the place where the Scepter has been kept hidden and can claim it for yourself. It’s a pretty powerful, even for an Exotic, and it will certainly be useful in figuring out the secrets of The Shattered Realm, since it can blow up those pesky rocks that are blocking so many pathways there.


That’s all you need to know for Ager’s Scepter. Hit the battlefield and tear your way through Cabal, Fallen, Hive, and Vex alike with all of your shiny new guns. It’s the best kind of payback for all this running you’ve had to do.