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Fan-favorite Destiny 2 exploit returns after 30th Anniversary update

Published: 14/Dec/2021 23:47

by Alec Mullins


Bungie’s 30th Anniversary update brought lots of changes to the game but the return of one big movement exploit has the Destiny 2 community buzzing. 

In the annals of Destiny 2 history, few exploits have ever made bigger waves than ‘Titan Skating.”

This old glitch allows players to cross huge distances in the blink of an eye by simply chaining a few unintended animations together and people were using it to break all kinds of speedrunning records.

Bungie had previously removed it from the game altogether but the new Eager Edge weapon trait from the Anniversary update is making it better and more accessible than ever before.


Skating returns to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 guardian flying through the air
Guardians of all kinds can take to the sky and fly with the new Skating glitch

The skating exploit used to be a feature that only Titans could properly replicate but, after some minor changes, each class now has a chance to get in on the fun.

When you add the Eager Edge trait — which increases a sword’s lunge distance in the seconds after swapping to it — the effects of the canceled animations are dramatically increased and players can get back to flying across the map.

While that speed boost by itself would be a big change to the game, things get wild when adding other movement enhancing abilities to the mix

Some of the more experienced players in the thread offered up advice for anyone looking to try this technique out for themselves.


One user pointed out that using this method doesn’t require smashing into a wall to stop: “You can also block with the sword before impact and you’ll survive pretty much anything.”

Another commenter pointed out that while Titans were the originators of the trick, they’re now the only class who can’t take advantage of the high speeds available to Warlocks and Hunters: “kinda messed up that Titans are stuck in the slow lane after laying the foundation for this one”