Bungie brings back fan-fave Destiny guns in Season of the Splicer update

Brad Norton. Last updated: May 07, 2021

Bungie has unveiled plans to reintroduce an assortment of classic weapons to the Destiny 2 loot pool in Season of the Splicer, including a return of the fan-favorite Hung Jury SR4.

If you’re a Destiny veteran, there’s likely still the odd handful of weapons you miss from the original 2014 release. While Destiny 2 saw a complete refresh, Bungie has slowly been drip-feeding old guns back into the mix.

With Season 14 – now known as Season of the Splicer – locked in for a May 11 release, more classic weapons are set to return. While new content in the Battle Pass is sure to be appealing, Guardians will certainly be eager to track down familiar tools of destruction when the update lands.

In total, 12 Legendary weapons are being added to the loot pool, Bungie confirmed: four in Gambit, four in Crucible, and four in Strikes. Among them are three guns that haven’t seen the light of day since the original Destiny.

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer weapons
The Hung Jury Scout Rifle is among three returning weapons coming to Destiny 2.

Headlining the classic set is none other than the Hung Jury SR4. This Legendary Scout Rifle was one of the most popular picks in the early years of Destiny for a number of reasons. First, due to its Dead Orbit backing – the clearcut best faction. But most importantly, due to its unmatched damage output for a Legendary Scout.

Introduced with the Taken King in 2015, the gun came with a unique perk combination that pushed it ahead of its rivals in the category. Firefly and Triple Tap proved to be an extremely powerful duo. One that gave the gun versatility across both PVE and PVP.

Exploding heads and returning ammo to the clip made it a devastating tool for competition and add clearing alike. There’s no guarantee its new iteration in Destiny 2 will come with the same perks. However, players will soon be able to test out its lethality.

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Available in Season of the Splicer, Guardians will be able to exclusively hunt it down in Nightfall activities. Each of the four Strike-related Legendaries will be featured as part of a weekly rotation.

Destiny 1 Hung Jury gameplay
The Hung Jury SR4 was among the most powerful Legendary primaries in Destiny 1.

When it happens to be the week of the Hung Jury SR4, playing at a higher difficulty will give you higher odds of securing the Scout Rifle with better perks. With that in mind, Grandmaster Nightfalls kickoff on June 22, providing access to an Adept version.

It’s sure to be a challenge at first. Though nabbing a god-roll Hung Jury could just keep you ahead of the pack for the entire season.