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Everything You Need to Know about Destiny 2 Fall 2019 Update – Shadowkeep, New Light, Release, and More

Published: 7/Jun/2019 19:09 Updated: 7/Jun/2019 20:00

by Keshav Bhat


In a livestream event on June 6, Bungie gave fans their first official look at what the future of Destiny 2 and Bungie looks like after ending the partnership with Activision Publishing earlier this year. 

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep 

As part of the livestream, Bungie announced the first details on a brand new expansion coming to Destiny 2 this Fall called “Shadowkeep,” which takes fans of Destiny back to the Moon for the first time since Destiny 1’s expansion season. 

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be available on September 17.  More in-depth details on Shadowkeep are expected to be shared in the lead up to launch. 

Cross-Save Coming to Destiny 2

A big announcement as part of the streamed event was that Bungie would bring support for Cross-Save for Destiny 2, which will allow players to transfer their content between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. 

There were many rumors on whether or not PlayStation 4 would support Cross-Save for Destiny 2, but Bungie was able to get PlayStation to sign on right before the announcement. 

Players will be able to transfer their saves to any platform of their choice when Cross-Save features goes live in the game closer to the launch of Shadowkeep. Cross-Play support, however, was not announced. 

Bungie showcased a first look at the Cross-Save screen on stream.

Destiny 2 Cross Save Screen shown during Bungie’s livestream (Source: Bungie)

Destiny 2: New Light

Bungie also announced for the first time that there will be a free-to-play version of Destiny 2, officially called Destiny 2: New Light, coming this fall to bring in new players to the Destiny world. The free to play version of Destiny 2 allows players to access the entire Year 1 Content of story, Crucible playlists, and access to the Gambit mode all for free. 

Destiny 2: New Light will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for all players to download and get in the Destiny world before having to purchase any other expansion for the game. 

Destiny 2 on Google Stadia and Steam 

Google Stadia

Another massive surprise announcement from Bungie was that Destiny 2 will be coming to Google Stadia, Google’s new could based game streaming platform. 

Google Stadia will be available in November with a Founders Edition for $129, and it will include access to Destiny 2: The Collection, an entire Destiny 2 package featuring all of the game’s content up to Shadowkeep. 

With Activision no longer partnered with Bungie, Bungie has to find a new home for Destiny 2 on PC. The studio announced that Destiny 2 on PC will be moving over to Steam starting September 17, moving away from Blizzard Battle.net. 

Players who have been on the PC version on Battle.net will be able to transfer over all of their content, for free, to Steam closer to launch. 

Bungie also released a lengthy ViDOC discussing the future of Destiny 2 and some additional details on the Shadowkeep Expansion. 

Check out @theDestinyblog for up to date info on what’s coming to Destiny 2 as the launch of Shadowkeep approaches. 


PlayStation leak reveals return to Old Tower in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Published: 25/Oct/2020 13:22 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 13:23

by Daniel Cleary


Destiny 2 might be gearing up for a return to the Old Tower in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion after leaked PlayStation artwork hinted at Guardians making their way back to the fan-favorite hub.

The Tower was featured as the main social hub in the first Destiny title, where players could interact with each other, purchase any supplies, and complete their quests.

After it was attacked by the Red Legion at the start of the Destiny 2 campaign, the remaining guardians were forced to move to The Farm, before later moving to a new Tower, but new Beyond Light leaks have now finally hinted at a return to the original Vanguard headquarters.

Destiny Tower courtyard
The Old Tower could be making a return in Destiny: Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light to return to Old Tower

While the Last City’s tower was destroyed in the attack, it seems as if it might be rebuilt for the franchise’s next major expansion, with artwork appearing to highlight the old tower in its former glory.

The leak was shared by Destiny data miner u/Felwinter_123, on October 24, who revealed they had found new images within the PlayStation Store’s HTML code.

These images, which were designed to fit the PlayStation app’s artwork, featured three guardians looking on at the old Tower, which was standing tall above the Last City once again.


Healed traveler in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

With The Traveler, a large vessel that hovers above the Last City and allows humans to travel between worlds, also being featured in the picture, many fans began to speculate that it could also be healed for the upcoming expansion.

The Traveler has been left in a damaged state after it finally managed to defeat Ghaul, along with help from the Guardians, and liberate the Last City but that could soon change, if these new images are anything to go by.

After the leaks surfaced, PlayStation has since updated the official Destiny artwork with these images, suggesting that it is no longer a rumored change.


However, it is still worth noting that while the changes are suggested in the artwork, whether or not we will return to the original Tower remains unclear and Bungie can still change elements of Beyond Light before its release.

For now, Destiny fans will just have to wait until the arrival of the expansion on November 10 to find out for sure.