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Destiny veteran Gladd finally cracks after 48 hours streaming new quest

Published: 17/Jan/2020 2:22

by Brad Norton


Bungie’s latest challenge in the world of Destiny has proven to be one for the ages as even the most accomplished players are struggling to maintain their sanity after days of struggle.

One of the most prolific Destiny streamers on Twitch, Sean ‘Gladd’ Gallagher has made a name for himself by tackling some of the most extraordinary challenges the FPS title has to offer. From impressive speed runs to ridiculous solo challenges, he has seen and done it all throughout the years.

Most notably, Gladd streams in front of his world-first raid belts that he was awarded for being part of the first fireteam to clear some of Bungie’s most daunting tests. Despite the accolades to his name and the experience under his belt, even Gladd is hilariously falling apart due to the most recent Destiny puzzle.


Bungie's Destiny 2 introduces new Corridors of Time puzzle.
The latest puzzle has every Destiny player racking their brain over symbols in the Corridors of Time.

Introduced as a surprise on January 14, a new questline demanded that players explore the Corridors of Time. After collecting 19 unique lore entries throughout the initial time-gated introduction to the puzzle, players have since been left to figure out just how to open a gravesite within the unfathomable locale.

The solution is a marathon, not a sprint,” Bungie tweeted after a number of content creators went without sleep for the first night of the challenge. Refusing to play by those rules and simply bide his time, Gladd and the greater Destiny community have been pooling their resources together over the past few days in an effort to brute-force the enormous puzzle.


Seeming to reach his breaking point after being live for a total of 48 hours since the release of the challenge, he started taping a shoe to his head. Clearly reaching a point of pure mental exhaustion like never before, Gladd refused to give in. Instead, opting to vent his frustration in the most randomly amusing ways possible.

Screaming into his microphone, the extreme challenge has undeniably taken its toll. Sarcastically sharing that he loves staying awake for insane periods, Gladd even got a response from the official Bungie account on Twitter.

“One of my favorite things to do, by far, is STAY UP FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. I usually try to avoid sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time,” he joked, garnering a GIF in response from the developers at Bungie as they implore the streamer to take a break and get some rest.


At the time of writing, there’s no telling just how far off the community is from an inevitable solution. It could be a matter of hours, or players could still be running into the same wall weeks from now. 

This isn’t the first time Destiny players have been forced to solve such intricate puzzles. Gladd was atop the Destiny community throughout 2019 when Bungie introduced the now-infamous Niobe Labs.

As the first to ever solve the puzzle, if anyone is able to crack the new code and endure such mind-bending frustration once again, it’s Gladd. With the entire Destiny community behind him, perhaps the solution is right around the corner.