Destiny TV show hype builds after Bungie job listing sparks rumors

Destiny 2 Witch QueenBungie

Fan theories are running wild with a job posting by Bungie for a ‘Senior Producer’ at Destiny Linear Media, with the hopes of an animated TV series adaptation of hit title Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has, since its release, made a deep mark on its player base — for both it’s exceptional gameplay and it’s stellar storyline.

With the end of the story in sight for the development team, players have been keen to find ways to remain rooted in the Light and Darkness Saga.

A fire has been lit under those exceptionally keen to remain mentally protecting the Last City on Earth with a job posting doing the rounds.

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A Linear Media ‘Senior Producer’ role has been opened up by Bungie looking for someone keen to ” produce projects that extend the franchise into new categories including TV, films, books, comics and audio formats.”

Destiny 2 fans might be treated to a deeper insight into the universe when the TV show comes to life.

With rumors of a Destiny TV show flying everywhere over the past year, this new announcement has put it firmly in the mind of fans that an adaptation is well underway.

Bungire are seeking someone with “Relationships with broadcast, cable, streaming and publishing counterparts” and “experience with licensed products, and/or animation, scripted television development or current programming”.

It’s clear to see that Bungie will be going all out with the adaptation, in whatever format that may take.

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Considering the mammoth success of Arcane towards the end of 2021, fans are hopeful to see the TV show lean into the animated world heavily, especially considering the scope of the story they are trying to tell.

Vi holding fists up in Arcane League of Legends TV seriesNetflix: Arcane
The success of Arcane, based on League of Legends, has Destiny 2 fans hopeful of a similar adaptation.

While entirely speculation and hearsay, users on Twitter commented that the show has been in the workings since Sony acquired Bungie — even with some staff from Arcane.

These are rumors fueled by Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki who, in a recent Q&A to investors, talked directly about Sony’s intent to “leverage Bungie’s IP, not only for games, but a range of uses.”

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Totoki continued: “Adapting popular IP into movies would be a prime example, and I understand that Bungie hopes to further cultivate the IP that it has developed by leveraging it across a variety of media.”