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Destiny players have spotted new Season 11 event teasers at the Tower

Published: 27/May/2020 8:26 Updated: 27/May/2020 8:48

by Brad Norton


Bungie has started to pave the way for major Destiny 2 Season 11 narrative developments, and Guardians have already begun to spot brand new teasers in the Tower and skybox at the Tower.

While the 10th season of Destiny has come with its fair share of issues, It looks as though things are about to ramp up. Season 11 is just weeks away from its June 9 release and teasers have already appeared in-game.

Glitched instances of the Tower revealed a future state for the social space on May 6. One left in the wake of destruction. While it wasn’t initially clear what could have caused this damage, it seemed likely the Cabal were to blame.


As the looming threat of their Almighty ship nears The Last City, however, players have begun to notice a few new changes at the Tower to back this storyline.

The Almighty has been spotted in-game.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s The Almighty

The Almighty has been spotted in-game for the very first time. As you load into the Tower in your next session, take a look up at the sky.

At first, it might be hard to notice. You may have to squint a little or even lower your brightness. Low and behold, the enormous Cabal ship can be seen hovering in front of the sun.

The H-shaped spaceship has finally made its way into our line of sight after months of build-up. While it’s still a ways off, the Tower could be changed irrevocably with the Season 11 update as The Almighty is on a crash course for The Last City.


Foreboding music in the Tower

Historic events throughout Destiny history have always been bolstered by their own iconic score. From the epic music that backed the King’s Fall showdown with Oryx, to the haunting theme throughout your escape in The Last Wish raid. Big moments are signified through their own original soundtracks.

Now, another game-changing moment could be in store as players have discovered a brand new track when loading into the Tower.

Destiny streamer ‘AyyItsChevy’ was among the first to notice. Upon loading into the Tower on May 26, an ominous score caught them by surprise. This new piece of music appears at random, so there’s a chance you could hear in-game with your next visit, if you get lucky.


When loading into the Tower from this point forward, keep your eyes peeled. You never know when the next secret may appear.

As the Cabal threat draws near, so too does Season 11. There’s no telling quite what Bungie has in store, but expect an almighty shakeup when the update arrives on June 9.