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Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes: Weapon balancing, perk changes & more

Published: 22/Feb/2022 14:52 Updated: 22/Feb/2022 16:28

by Brad Norton


The Witch Queen era is fast approaching as Destiny 2 gears up for its most anticipated expansion yet and we’ve got an early look at the full patch notes ahead of the major update.

After a lengthy wait for Guardians around the globe, we’re finally about to go to battle with The Witch Queen. Savathun and her Lucent Brood minions are drawing close as what’s shaping up to be Destiny 2’s biggest update yet, and it’s just hours away.

With an all-new expansion comes all-new gameplay changes as we step into Season of the Risen on February 22. From weapon balancing to quality of life improvements, there’s plenty on the way outside of the meaty content drop itself.


Bungie has finally revealed the full patch notes, so read on for our highlights and the entirety of them.


Destiny 2 gameplay
A new weapon balance pass could drastically change the Destiny 2 meta with The Witch Queen expansion.

Weapon balance changes in Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes

As per usual with Destiny updates of this magnitude, almost every weapon category has come under Bungie’s microscope in the Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes. Various under-performing archetypes are in line for buffs, a few “terrifyingly” powerful options are set for hefty nerfs, all while a range of Exotic weapons are changed as a whole.

First on the agenda, devs have tackled the issue of Exotic primary weapons. Every single weapon that falls into this category will feel stronger in PvE Witch Queen content thanks to a 40% damage boost against minor foes.


On the other side of the coin, Exotic shotguns are set for some considerable nerfs in PVP in light of recent dominance. Chaperone and Duality fans may be putting them back on the shelf as range nerfs come into effect with this next update.

Destiny 2 gameplay capture from Witch Queen expansion
Various weapon tweaks could be making room for Glaives to take a hold of the new season.

When it comes to more general changes, Bungie intends on improving an assortment of Perks to better fit the upcoming meta. 

Hip-fire should be ‘easier,’ with buffs to the Grip perk, reload speeds should be faster with the Dual Loader trait, and Headseeker should see a longer buff duration in the near future.

Beyond those examples, five weapon Perks are being pulled from Destiny 2 entirely. Rather than adjust to fit the latest build, Bungie has scrapped them to focus on new Perks instead. 


Bottomless Grief, Celerity, Underdog, Shield Disorient, and Air Assault will all be removed with the Witch Queen patch.

General gameplay tweaks in Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes

When it comes to broader design changes on the way, we already know of a few key decisions Bungie has locked in for the Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes.

Special ammo is one area, in particular, that will function differently in Season of the Risen, particularly in PvP. Players will only drop “one Special ammo on death” moving forward, devs clarified, regardless of how much the player was carrying at the time.

Destiny 2 gameplay
Masterworking will no longer be “mandatory” in Season 16, Bungie has confirmed.

Kill Trackers will no longer be “gated behind Masterworking” after the update. Meaning all weapons will have this feature baked in by default moving forward.


There are sure to be plenty more substantial changes revealed over the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for further details as new information comes to light.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes

The full patch notes are finally here, with Bungie making changes to pretty much every facet of the game.

You can find the entirety on Bungie’s website, and there’s plenty to read through as we approach the Witch Queen release time.

In short, you can expect overhauls to Vanguard operations, new maps in the Crucible, and the long-awaited Gambit rework.

The Tangled Shore and Forsaken are moving to the Destiny Content Vault, too, along with Year 4 seasonal content.


That’s all we know about the Destiny 2 Witch Queen patch notes for update For more on Destiny 2, check out the rest of our guide content.

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