Destiny 2 update patch notes: Solstice fixes & more

destiny 2 players battling in crucible matchBungie

Destiny 2 update patch notes are here. Here’s everything we know so far ahead of weekly reset.

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event is back, and update patch notes are arriving alongside weekly reset.

With Season 18 getting closer, Bungie has revealed the full patch notes for the latest hotfix. Here’s all we know so far for the Destiny 2 patch notes.

Destiny 2 update patch notes

As per Bungie, here are the full patch notes:


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Silver Leaves from being awarded when completing certain activities. Hence the following activities now grant them: 
    • Sever
    • Altar of Sorrow 
    • Nightmare Containment 
    • Blind Well 
    • Dares of Eternity 
    • Patrols 
  • Fixed an issue where The Investigation campaign mission could be exploited for Silver Leaves. 
  • Added weekly rotating modifiers to the Bonfire Bash activity. 

Gameplay and Investment  

  • Fixed an issue where this year’s Solstice armor ornaments displayed a purple hue, rather than a blue one, when using a Stasis subclass.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dream Work origin trait would activate for other weapons, allowing overflow for all gear equipped.  
    • You all owe a certain dungeon boss an apology. 
  • Fixed an issue where The Last Word was doing more damage than intended. 

Platforms and Systems  

  • Fixed an issue where the Seashore Pack contents were not being received by players. 

That’s all we have for the latest Destiny 2 update patch notes. For more on Destiny, be sure to check out more of our guide content:

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