Destiny 2 update patch notes: Precious Scars, Strike bug fixes and more

Lloyd Coombes
Destiny 2 update patch notes

Destiny 2’s latest hotfix, is here. Here’s everything included in the Destiny 2 update patch notes, including fixes for multiple Strikes and exotic gear.

Destiny 2 is now well into its latest season, Season of the Lost, but Bungie’s unenviable task of constantly patching the game never stops in the run-up to the Witch Queen expansion. As a result, players logging in may notice a new download is available, with hotfix available for players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

The update makes tweaks to exotic armor, as well as fixes an issue with the latest exotic, Ager’s Scepter, while also making fixes for some frustrating issues in certain Strikes.

So, without further ado, here are the Destiny 2 update patch notes, courtesy of Bungie.


Destiny 2 update patch notes

Destiny’s latest update makes fixes to some of the Season of the Lost content, including Ager’s Scepter.

Destiny 2 update patch notes

Gameplay and Investment Destiny 2 patch notes


  • Fixed an issue where Precious Scars was not correctly restoring player shields on matching weapon kills.
  • Fixed an issue where Prometheum Spurs would not consistently spawn combination rifts on kills while rift energy is full.
  • Fixed an issue where Dawn Chorus no longer extended burn damage.
  • The issues regarding Wormgod Caress and Radiant Dance Machines have been resolved and these armor pieces have been re-enabled in all activities.


  • Increased the effect of both the impact and detonation of Explosive Light on Rocket Launchers to now increase damage by 25%.
  • Fixed an issue where Danger Zone was not functioning correctly on Rocket Launchers.
  • Increase the cooldown of Shoot to Loot to four seconds.
  • This is a temporary measure to prevent shooting a brick that can’t be picked up to trigger the auto-reload.
  • Fixed an issue where ammo picked up by players could be quickly shot with Shoot to Loot to get additional ammo.
  • Fixed an issue where an interaction between Hawkmoon and Hand Cannon Holster allowed for repeated Paracausal shots.
  • Fixed an issue with Ager’s Scepter where a player’s Super wouldn’t drain while in empowered mode.


  • Fixed issue where a gilding Triumph could be completed before the base title Seal was claimed.
  • Fixed issue where the Wyvern precision kill objective wasn’t progressing as intended.

Strikes Destiny 2 patch notes

  • Fixed an issue where strike streaks were not rewarded after completing a strike if the player joined a strike in-progress or if the player was pulled forward.
  • Players should no longer be able to apply Chill Touch to themselves or allies in strikes.
  • Players should once again not be able to reset their reputation if they have not picked up all rank reward items.
      • A quality-of-life improvement for rank resetting is coming later in Season 15.
  • Players can no longer be stuck after encountering In’Anah for the first time.
Hollowed Lair 
  • The Fanatic can no longer become stuck in the corner.
  • The Spider Tank can no longer be killed early.
Destiny 2 update patch notes
Season of the Lost is off to a solid start
Master and Legend Lost Sectors 
  • Burns, shields, and Champions listed on the tooltip for Luna Lost Sectors should once again reflect what players find in-game.


Platform and system Destiny 2 patch notes

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Beyond Light Deluxe Edition upgrade from the Timeline took players to the full Deluxe Edition page instead of the upgrade page on the Steam store.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows 7 users were unable to launch the game due to some incompatible *.dll files.

Localization Destiny 2 patch notes

  • Fixed an issue with Japanese translations of a few lore entries.
  • Fixed an issue where several languages did not have a description for the Seasonal artifact.

General Destiny 2 patch notes

  • Fixed an issue where the Xunyou offer was not rewarding the correct items.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock’s Nova Warp wouldn’t Blink if Hold Sprint was active.
  • Fixed an issue where the barriers surrounding the Scorch Cannons in the Fallen Walker public event repelled anything that came near them.
  • Increased the score target for Iron Banner Control from 125 to 150 (matching base Control).
  • Adjusted the Iron Banner Mercy thresholds to reduce the number of games that end shortly before they reach the score target.