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Destiny 2 leak reveals Trials of Osiris to return in Season of the Worthy

Published: 5/Feb/2020 3:54 Updated: 5/Feb/2020 3:58

by Isaac McIntyre


Destiny 2’s premier competitive player-vs-player mode Trials of Osiris is set to return to Bungie’s flagship franchise in the title’s upcoming tenth season, new datamined leaks have revealed.

Trials debuted in the franchise’s first installment, and quickly became the pinnacle of PvP combat. Based around undefeated streaks, Guardians were tasked with winning nine matches in a row to reach The Lighthouse for loot.

In Destiny 2, a new variant titled Trials of the Nine debuted, but with an added player and the removal of the elimination mode changing the core gameplay, many abandoned the playlist. Bungie were forced to scrap it completely soon after.

Bungie updated Trials in Destiny 2 with a new, magic flavor, but players soon abandoned the changed competitive mode.

New leaks reveal Trials of Osiris return details

Since it’s removal, players have been begging Bungie to re-release the original Osiris mode, and once again allow competitive stars to flex their player-vs-player muscles in the sci-fi FPS title. Now, it looks like the developers may have listened.

New information datamined from the latest Destiny 2 update, 2.7.1, suggests the conclusion to the Season of Dawn – which is currently live – will lead directly into a new “Season of the Worthy,” based around the return of the original Trials.

Data miner Ginser was the first to stumble across the new evidence, which included a series of text strings. Those strings suggested players would rebuild the Empyrean Foundation, a new locale this season, and restore the Lighthouse.

The text string itself reads: “[EDAC1366]: With the restoration of the Lighthouse complete, Trials of Osiris and more will return in Season of the Worthy,” confirming Bungie will guide the players through steps to bring back the mode.

How to prepare for the return of Trials

For long term Destiny players, and anyone who loves competitive matches and grinding to be the best, the return of Trials of Osiris will be very welcome. After so long away from the top level of PvP play, not everyone could be ready to grind.

Now is the perfect time to get ready for the battle, however, with the Season of Dawn still in full-flight for the time being. There are a few top weapons in the meta right now you should get your hands on, from hand cannons to pulse rifles.

Hand cannons sit as Crucible kings in Destiny 2 at the moment, accounting for a whopping 35% of all kills in player-vs-player modes. They are followed by the all-star pulse rifles, which deliver burst shots, and collect 10% of kills.

Gambit hand cannon Spare Rations is a clear contender for the best gun in Destiny, and would be a great pickup for Trials.

What weapons are best to collect?

The best hand cannon is the Spare Rations, which can be earned through the Reckoning and Gambit Prime, and accounts for 12% of the Crucible’s eliminations, as well as exotic options like The Last Word, Ace of Spades, and Thorn. Likewise, Bygones—also a Gambit reward—is a strong pulse rifle option.

While hand cannons and pulse rifles reign supreme for the primary slot, shotguns, and sniper rifles have cornered the market for special weapons. Each boasts around 15% of kills in the Crucible, meaning you’ll want to have one or the other in Trials.

If you’re picking up a primary shotgun, Dust Rock Blues is the best bet, and the same goes for the Revoker sniper rifle, though it’s considerably harder to collect considering it was released as a Season of Opulence Pinnacle weapon, meaning there’s a hefty grind to unlock it.

If special weapons are more your style, Mindbender’s Ambition or the infamous Lord of Wolves would be great pickups in regards to shotguns to take into Trials. If you’re veering towards a long-range choice, pick up the Beloved.

New leaks seem to have confirmed the original Trials of Osiris is finally returning.

For now, it’s a waiting game to see what Bungie has up their sleeve for the storyline leading into Trials’ return. Considering the Empyrean Foundation opened today, however, it shouldn’t be long before Guardians find the next clue.

Destiny’s current release, the Season of Dawn, is set to run until March 9. After that, the title’s tenth season is expected to drop, and with it should come the long-awaited return of one of the franchise’s most popular modes.


PlayStation leak reveals return to Old Tower in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Published: 25/Oct/2020 13:22 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 13:23

by Daniel Cleary


Destiny 2 might be gearing up for a return to the Old Tower in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion after leaked PlayStation artwork hinted at Guardians making their way back to the fan-favorite hub.

The Tower was featured as the main social hub in the first Destiny title, where players could interact with each other, purchase any supplies, and complete their quests.

After it was attacked by the Red Legion at the start of the Destiny 2 campaign, the remaining guardians were forced to move to The Farm, before later moving to a new Tower, but new Beyond Light leaks have now finally hinted at a return to the original Vanguard headquarters.

Destiny Tower courtyard
The Old Tower could be making a return in Destiny: Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light to return to Old Tower

While the Last City’s tower was destroyed in the attack, it seems as if it might be rebuilt for the franchise’s next major expansion, with artwork appearing to highlight the old tower in its former glory.

The leak was shared by Destiny data miner u/Felwinter_123, on October 24, who revealed they had found new images within the PlayStation Store’s HTML code.

These images, which were designed to fit the PlayStation app’s artwork, featured three guardians looking on at the old Tower, which was standing tall above the Last City once again.


Healed traveler in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

With The Traveler, a large vessel that hovers above the Last City and allows humans to travel between worlds, also being featured in the picture, many fans began to speculate that it could also be healed for the upcoming expansion.

The Traveler has been left in a damaged state after it finally managed to defeat Ghaul, along with help from the Guardians, and liberate the Last City but that could soon change, if these new images are anything to go by.

After the leaks surfaced, PlayStation has since updated the official Destiny artwork with these images, suggesting that it is no longer a rumored change.


However, it is still worth noting that while the changes are suggested in the artwork, whether or not we will return to the original Tower remains unclear and Bungie can still change elements of Beyond Light before its release.

For now, Destiny fans will just have to wait until the arrival of the expansion on November 10 to find out for sure.