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Destiny 2 in-game teaser reveals The Darkness have arrived at Jupiter

Published: 3/Jun/2020 4:33 Updated: 3/Jun/2020 6:51

by Brad Norton


The Darkness may have finally arrived in Destiny after years of anticipation, with a new in-game teaser revealing new animations around Jupiter just hours after Bungie dropped their new Season 11 teaser.

Bungie has laid out dozens of intricate storylines over the years in Destiny though a large majority of them remain in limbo. As The Almighty approaches The Tower for a leaked catastrophe, the developers haven’t quite forgotten about one key story thread, however. The Darkness draws near.

Following a head-scratching Shadowkeep conclusion with dozens of pyramid ships hovering over the Black Garden, the unknown race has finally made its next move. Now it looks like at least one of the enemy ships has made it to Jupiter.

The Darkness was teased long before the first version of Destiny was even released.

A leaked Year 4 trailer revealed Eris Morn pushing through the snowy landscape of what appears to be Europa. A long-rumored destination that could soon have players flying closer than ever to Jupiter.

Before Eris makes her way there, and before Guardians put on winter clothing, a new in-game sighting may have revealed the arrival of The Darkness.

Staring at Jupiter from Io, Reddit user ‘Dopmeister’ spotted a bright glint. This glint – which hasn’t been replicated since – could be the first appearance of pyramid ships around Jupiter.

This in-game sighting also coincides with a brand new cutscene. For the first time since Shadowkeep, The Darkness and its pyramid ships are back in focus. Its first point of impact could be Europa, as the cutscene subtly revealed a ship in close proximity to Jupiter.

As Year 4 approaches, it seems more and more likely that the new race will finally make its mark. Perhaps they are what draw Eris to Europa. After all, she has perhaps the closest connection to The Darkness of any major NPC in the history of Destiny.

Following on from a failed venture into the Hellmouth long before The Dark Below, she was inextricably bound to The Darkness, as her bond with the Traveller was severed. This could explain why Eris is making her way to Europa alone.

Plenty of story threads could soon be tied together as the fourth year of Destiny comes to a head. Before we get there, however, there is a more imminent threat barrelling towards us.

Season 11’s update appears to focus on the aftermath of The Almighty’s crash course with Earth. A handful of teasers and leaks have already uncovered what that might look like — now we’re just waiting.


Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris delayed again

Published: 28/Nov/2020 17:04 Updated: 28/Nov/2020 17:12

by Julian Young


Despite the new PVE content released in Beyond Light, the Destiny 2 expansion also led to a delay for the game’s top PVP mode: Trials of Osiris. Originally delayed until November 27, Bungie has once again pushed back the activity’s launch in Beyond Light.

The core of the Destiny franchise has always revolved around one thing: the chase for new loot. Since the release of the original Destiny, developer Bungie has aimed to provide players with interesting and powerful gear to grind for.

While the bulk of content in Destiny has always been PVE-related – Strikes, seasonal activities, and Raids – the franchise has maintained a strong PVP player base as well. For those who spend their time in the Crucible, Trials of Osiris is the top-tier activity to look forward to since its reintroduction in Season of the Worthy.

Following the release of Beyond Light, Destiny 2’s pinnacle PVP activity has now seen not one but two separate delays. The game’s community is once again expressing their frustration with Bungie’s handling of the popular 3v3 mode.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stasis Subclasses
Destiny 2’s new Stasis subclasses have been giving players headaches in PVP.

Trials of Osiris delayed again

With the release of Beyond Light, developer Bungie introduced Stasis subclasses into Destiny 2. While most players enjoy the new Darkness-based abilities, the game’s PVP community has been less than thrilled with the performance of Stasis in the Crucible.

Bungie’s first official response to Stasis in PVP came when the developer announced the original delay of Trials only two days after Beyond Light’s release. Then, on November 27 – the same day that Trials of Osiris was supposed to make its debut in Beyond Light – Bungie once again announced a delay in the mode’s release via their support account on Twitter.

While Bungie community manager dmg04 indicated the delay was due to another Stasis-related issue, players listed off other potential causes including issues with swords in the Crucible, and even a bug that turn players invisible.

Community frustrated with second delay

For some of the Destiny 2 community, patience has run out since the original delay. Many prominent content creators have expressed their frustration regarding Bungie’s handling of Trials in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 streamers GernaderJake and Gigz, both of whom participate in Trials of Osiris regularly, voiced their concerns with how Bungie is handling the game’s top PVP activity.

GernaderJake stated his belief that there were better ways for Bungie to address the issues instead of simply disabling Trials of Osiris entirely.

Gigz called out the developer for their lack of attention to PVP – something Bungie has specifically mentioned in the past when discussing their design philosophy in regards to the Crucible.

Although many of the responses were negative, some tried to put a more positive spin on things. Destiny 2 YouTuber KackisHD joked that Bungie continues to delay Trials because the game mode’s reward location – The Lighthouse on Mercury – was vaulted when Beyond Light released.

When is Trials coming to Beyond Light?

While Bungie confirmed a return date for Trials of Osiris after the first delay, the developer did not confirm when the mode would make its return in their announcement on November 27.

Players should keep an eye on Bungie’s social media for further updates on the return of Trials.