Destiny 2 streamer hits back at Bungie’s leak accusations: “I will clear my name”

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Destiny 2 streamer Ekuegan has responded to Bungie’s accusations of leaking restricted information after a recent content creator summit, denying it all and claiming that they will clear their name.

The most recent controversy in Destiny 2 has the community riled up and bewildered. After a recent content creator summit, several leaks about restricted information were released on social media and Discord servers. These leaks included information regarding the next big content drop in Season of the Deep, as well as major system changes coming to the game.

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Bungie has since released a statement regarding the leaks, announcing that the breach of trust may result in them being unable to hold such confidential summits in the future. Destiny 2 content creator Ekuegan has since come forward in a conversation with Paul Tassi, revealing that Bungie accused them as the source of the leaks.

The Destiny developer then banned Ekuegan from Destiny 2 and also prevented them from collaborating further with the company. However, the controversy is still ongoing, with the content creator now firing back.

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Streamer Ekuegan denies Bungie leak accusations

Since then, Ekuegan has responded to the accusations, vehemently denying ever leaking any of the information showcased during the summit. In a recent tweet, the streamer stated that they believe Bungie has made “a huge mistake”, and that they are currently working on clearing their name.

Ekuegan further expanded upon their tweet, explaining why they’ve currently quit Destiny and dispelling haters who have attacked them during this time.

Many Destiny 2 community members have shown their support for Ekuegan, believing that the streamer was not the one to leak the information. One went on to ask if Ekuegan would return to Destiny if their name was cleared, with the streamer only responding with a cryptic “We’ll see”.

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Bungie has yet to respond openly to Ekuegan’s denial of the accusations but has been known to crack down hard on individuals who violate their policy. As of the time of writing, Bungie has not decided to pursue legal action against the streamer. We’ll be sure to update you here as any further details emerge.

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