Destiny 2 Risen title: All required Triumphs for Season of the Risen title

Destiny 2 PsiOps Battleground screenshot showing a Guardian wielding the Synaptic SpearBungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen is here, and adds a new title to earn: ‘Risen’. Here’s how you can claim it for yourself in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion has arrived, kicking off the new Season 16 — Season of the Risen.

As with most Destiny 2 seasons, players can expect a new seasonal activity (PsiOps Battlegrounds), as well as a new season pass and seasonal artifact, but hardcore players will want to earn the game’s new title: Risen.

Essentially acting as a way to announce yourself into any activity as a Guardian not to be messed with, earning the title won’t be easy. Here are all the required Triumphs for the Destiny 2 Risen title.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Risen key art showing Guardians with the new Glaive weaponBungie
Will you end Season 16 as “Risen”?

What is a title in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2’s titles are a way to signify your achievements, existing below your character’s name in the open world or in activities. Some, like Dredgen, are tied to specific activities (Gambit, in Dredgen’s case), while others are seasonal.

Risen is the latest one to arrive, and while it doesn’t require you to earn every single Triumph that the season has to offer, it’ll still give you plenty to work toward.

All required Triumphs for Season of the Risen title

There are ten Triumphs that you’ll need to complete in order to earn the title of Risen.

  • Psionic Operator – Complete the mission Operation Elbrus. This is the weekly quest that rolls out at weekly reset.
  • Applied Psychotronics – Unlock all ten upgrades from the War Table.
    • Also unlocks the Sovereign Order ship.
  • Psychic Warrior – Reset your rank with the War Table. This is done by completing the PsiOps Battlegrounds activities and their bounties.
  • This House Is Clean – Defeat 100 Aspects of Savathun with the Synaptic Spear in PsiOps Battlegrounds.
  • Legend Battlegrounds Completed – Complete all three Season of the Risen Legend Battlegrounds. These are on the EDZ, Cosmodrome, and Moon destinations, and will likely need a full fireteam to complete.
  • Mind Reading – Collect all the pages of Acts of Mercy and Quintessence lore books. Pages can be found by completing the Psionic Operator, Active Listener, and Over Your Dead Body Triumphs.
    • Four Acts of Mercy Pages
    • Five Quintessence Pages
  • Tank Master – Complete the Vox Obscura exotic quest on Master difficulty.
  • Old Foes Rise Again – Listen to all four of the Psionic propaganda messages in the control room of the Vox Obscura exotic quest.
  • Peak Operator – Defeat 1,500 targets using Seasonal weapons. Defeating Guardians grants additional progress.
  • Reckless Shot – Earn Reckless Endangerment. This is a shotgun that acts as the pursuit weapon for Season of the Risen.

So, there you have it – that’s all you need to know about the seasonal Risen title in Destiny 2.

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