Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer: How to level up fast

Nick Farrell
d2 level up fast

A brand new season of Destiny 2 is here, and there is a ton of content for players to dive into on day one. Thankfully, there are various ways to level up fast within Season of the Splicer. 

Season of the Splicer has been one of the most anticipated season releases in quite some time for Bungie’s beloved MMORPG. Now, the season has been released by Bungie and there is an ample amount to love about Destiny 2 again.

The new battle pass and season rewards are among the best we have seen, and the new armor sets are to die for. However, if you are looking to level up your character as fast as possible, look no further than the following helpful tips.

Destiny 2 levels
Season of the Splicer is off to a flying start

Season Pass

Every season Bungie adds a new season pass for players to level up to earn rewards. There are various methods players are able to level up their seasonal pass efficiently so that they are not stuck grinding for the entire season.

There is a total of 100 levels within the seasonal pass, similar to other battle passes we seen in games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. If you know a thing or two about battle passes, you are well aware it takes some time to fully max out these battle passes.

With this said, below are some strategies we recommend in order to level up your battle pass.

Season of splicer
XP Mods are a fantastic way to level up your pass

XP Mods

These mods are equipable attachments to your Ghost that can enable up to a 12% boost to the amount of XP you earn while playing Destiny 2. If you have one of these, this is a pretty neat way to gain sufficient XP, all while simply playing the game!

Season Pass XP Boost

Over the course of the season you will naturally level up your seasonal pass, and some of the bonuses are going to be XP boosts for your player. These come every so often, and they are dandy for gaining additional XP on top of the mods you can attach to your Ghost.

Weekly Challenges

Similar to other titles and the way they go about implementing seasonal passes, Destiny 2 is filled with weekly challenges for players to partake in. These reset weekly, and some of these will be daunting to complete, but you will prosper with the ample amount of XP you will gain.


Last but not least, players can complete bounties that they find throughout Destiny 2’s realm. Players can grab as many as they can hold, and be sure to complete these in a timely manner. As you are going to want to complete as many as possible to get your seasonal pass maxed out.

Season of splicer xp
Be sure to let us know how you are finding the new Destiny 2 season

With Destiny 2’s new season in full swing, there are bound to be more opportunities to level up your pass as quickly as possible.

Players also can’t wait to see what kind of content Bungie ends up adding over the course of the season to collect as well.