Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares leak confirms final boss & reveals all encounter names

destiny 2 lightfall cinematicBungie

Destiny 2’s in-game achievement system has allowed players to discover and leak the name of all encounters in The Root of Nightmares raid early, and even get confirmation on the final boss.

The race to complete The Root of Nightmares in Destiny 2 is close on the horizon. As such, Destiny 2’s hardcore raiders are gearing up to take on whatever challenges and encounters await them on the ship where the raid is likely taking place. Many raiders are looking forward to the competition and are excitingly awaiting the release of the raid on Friday, March 10, 2023 starting at 9 AM PST.

Players have also been researching and theory-crafting about the new raid, discussing what it may mean for Destiny and its story. A fan-favorite community theory for The Root of Nightmares raid is that Guardians will be taking on Nezarec in some form, with them acting as the final boss/ encounter of the raid. Now, it appears we have more concrete details on what to expect from the latest raid.

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NOTE: Our coverage beyond this point contains spoilers for Destiny 2’s The Root of Nightmares raid. Do not read on if you want to experience the new raid unspoiled.

Users on Reddit believe Bungie may have accidentally leaked the encounters of The Root of Nightmares early due to an in-game achievement being visible. The “Horticulturist” triumph falls under the Neomuna triumph tab, it also falls into The Root of Nightmare sub-tab.

destiny 2 horticulturist achievement screengrabReddit: UltimatumWarrior/ Bungie
The Horticulturist triumph lists out all The Root of Nightmare encounters.

The “Horticulturist” triumph grants players an emblem if they’re able to complete all encounters of The Root of Nightmares within the first 48 hours of launch. This is no easy feat, however, as during this time the raid will be in contest mode, meaning everyone is under the required power.

The triumph itself also lists the names of every encounter taking place within the raid. This means players will have a vague idea of what they’re getting into when they load into the raid.

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The Root of Nightmares Leaked Encounter Names

There are four total encounters in The Root of Nightmares, according to the triumph visible in-game. They are named the following:

  • Encounter 1: Cataclysm
  • Encounter 2: Scission
  • Encounter 3: Macrocosm
  • Encounter 4: Nezarec

It seems that fan theories were correct about Nezarec returning, as this acts as a confirmation that the mysterious character will oppose the Guardians in the raid.

Not much is known about the encounters themselves, however, Bungie always likes to add some symbolism to their naming schemes, meaning the names themselves are pretty good clues.

As far as we’re aware The Root of Nightmares will be a 4 encounter raid, similar to Witch Queen’s Vow of the Disciple and Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt.

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