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Destiny 2 players hopeful for the future after Sony’s Bungie buyout

Published: 3/Feb/2022 1:29

by Alec Mullins


Sony’s acquisition of Bungie is sure to leave a mark on Destiny 2 but the game’s community is hopeful that it will be a positive change for the title. 

On January 30, the Destiny 2 community was rocked by the announcement that Sony was purchasing Bungie for $3.5 billion dollars and the aftershock is still being felt.

There has been plenty of discussion over the potential positive and negative side effects of this move, but the community is optimistic on the whole.

While it’s early days yet and little is known about what the future holds, here’s why players are staying hopeful.


Destiny 2 players hopeful for future after Sony acquisition

sony and bungie
This buyout is one of the biggest publishing purchases of all time and will no doubt shake up Destiny 2 in the future.

There is still a lot to be learned about what’s to come after this acquisition. While it will no doubt be a while before we know exactly what’s to come, some players have drawn a clear line in the sand on what they’d be willing to give up and what would be going too far.

For example, one player on Reddit noted that they’re excited about the change, but would like to avoid the pitfalls of the original Destiny’s console exclusivity: ” As long as they don’t make platform exclusive weapons/strikes/maps (like in Destiny 1 for PlayStation) this can hopefully be good.”


Another user asserted that Bungie being able to keep making the game they set out to make, but with some extra capital to help, has to be a big win for the studio and the franchise.

“Bungie keeping full creative control and publishing independence. No exclusives from the sound of it. And a source of cash flow to grow their studio and further develop Destiny and other IPs seems like a dub to me.”

It will be a while before the true effect of this buyout is known. However, it’s clear that the game’s community has faith in the studio to do what’s right for their fans.