Destiny 2 players demand answers about Gambit’s future after five years of no maps

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Destiny 2 players are rallying behind Gambit and want to know precisely what Bungie plans to do with the classic mode.

Gambit is one of Destiny 2’s most original features. While the idea of a competitive orb-collection game has been around for a long time, the interference mechanic adds a whole new level to the strategy and enjoyment of the game.

Bungie previously indicated that new content should be coming for the mode, but it’s been over a year without a follow-up on that promise and many people are fed up and ready for change.

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Destiny 2 fans plead to Bungie for Gambit update

In August of 2021, Game Director Joe Blackburn revealed that getting new Gambit content into the game was a long-term priority for the devs.

“Re: Gambit – Didn’t want to derail that thread. Long term, we want to get people working on new maps,” he said. “Currently, we are playtesting all up gambit foundation changes for s16. Focusing on Heavy Ammo econ, primeval fight, invasion cadence/power, and more.”

Now players are asking them to make good on that update as they feel things have grown stale in the years since the mode’s release.

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One player pieced together a breakdown of the situation and other fans rallied around it.

“I know game development is hard but I think two years is enough time to make a new map or even reprise one of the old maps. As of right now, it seems like there will be nothing for Gambit during the year of Lightfall, this will cause Gambit to have gone five years without a new map.

“The people who are upset are completely justified seeing as we were told something basically two years ago with zero results.”

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Another player noted that maps used to drop “several times per year” in the original Destiny, while another brought up that multiple maps were pulled from the game for “lighting issues” after the launch of Beyond Light and they still haven’t resurfaced.

The original postmaker closed out by noting that all this frustration could be avoided if Bungie would give an update and say whether or not new Gambit maps are even a possibility in the future, or flat-out say that plans have changed and that they’re working on other things.

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There’s been nothing from Bungie on the matter in quite some time, but the community is clearly at the end of its wits waiting for something new.