Destiny 2 players are losing it over Raid Exotics system and want big changes

Exotic Raid drop Vex MythoclastBungie

Raid Exotics are locked behind a once per week timegate and players think it’s high time for a change to the system.

In Destiny 2, there are a handful of Exotic weapons that are exclusive to Raid rewards. Examples such as the Vex Mythoclast, the Fusion Rifle that drops at the end of Vault of Glass, are a constant source of contention among players.

These weapons are meant to be rare drops and are not guaranteed to be awarded after every completion. Raid rewards are limited to a one-try per character every week. While three attempts at getting the weapon might seem like a lot, there are plenty of stories about players clearing 50 or more attempts before finally receiving the gun.

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Players have gathered on the Destiny 2 Subreddit to share their frustrations about the process of unlocking these weapons.

Unlocking Raid Exotics in Destiny 2

Usually, these kinds of Raid drops are infused with a bad luck protection system. This would increase the likelihood that a player gets the drop for every time they’ve completed the event and not received the reward.

While Bungie has implemented that system on some weapons, items like the aforementioned Vex Mythoclast do not seem to have any kind of protection at all.

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One user said: “I raided with a guy today, he had done 77 VoGs and not gotten it. We were doing three runs. On his 79th run, he got it. Guess I got 59 more to go.” Another replied: “Laughs in 53 attempts.”

Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast CatalystBungie
One of the most frustrating items in Destiny 2, the Vex Mythoclast has an estimated 3% drop rate in Destiny 2.

While the exact numbers haven’t been released by Bungie, a study done by Reddit user Pinnkeyy estimates the weapon to have a 3% drop rate over its lifespan.

That means that each time a player attempts the Raid, there’s a 97%  chance the weapon won’t drop.

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While this might be an effective strategy to keep players engaged with Raids, there people talking about being burned out before ever getting the reward. This has been a recurring problem in the community, but no alternative solutions seem to be unanimously agreed upon.

Bungie hasn’t commented on any potential changes thus far, it could be something to keep an eye on as we draw closer to the release of The Witch Queen.

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