Destiny 2 player claims character was mysteriously deleted after a connection bug

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A Destiny 2 player has claimed that their Warlock was mysteriously deleted after they came across a disconnection bug, prompting debate from the community online.

Destiny 2 is a game that players can easily spend countless hours in. Whether it be grinding for the best gear, weapons and subclasses to optimize their builds. Alongside build crafting, the game offers plenty of different forms of content with both PvP and PvE modes for Guardians to partake in.

As such, players spend plenty of time with their Guardians and often grow quite attached to their character. Therefore, when a player’s character mysteriously deleted itself, it was pretty obvious they were not too happy.

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Destiny 2 player claims Warlock was deleted without prompt after connection bug

Destiny 2 player Octo was attempting to log into their Warlock one day. However, a connection error popped up at the bottom of their screen. After clicking on their Warlock and attempting to log into the game, several connection errors and black screens caused for a bit of confusion. When Octo was finally let into the game they realised they were on their Titan instead of their Warlock.

After more fiddling around in the settings screen, Octo was kicked out of the game once again. However, this time when loading back into the character select, they noticed that their Warlock was mysteriously missing.

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Octo was obviously quite devastated, as a deleted character can mean tens or even hundreds of hours wasted.

This video has sparked a debate around its legitimacy, however, with the video being unconfirmed by the Destiny 2 subreddit. Players have apparently been able to replicate what happened to Octo through intentional actions, so no one is certain if the video is the truth.

This isn’t the first case of a character mysteriously disappearing, with Bungie being able to recover a certain lost Titan earlier this year. However, Bungie did state that the case was a one-off and that players shouldn’t expect them to be able to pull the resources to recover lost characters.

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