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Destiny 2 is on the verge of a huge ‘Civil War’ plot twist in Beyond Light

Published: 24/Aug/2020 3:43

by Isaac McIntyre


Bungie is planning to turn the world of Destiny 2 on its head as the title’s fourth year begins in Beyond Light, new datamined leaks have suggested, with the space opera set to draw on Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ for its next major storyline heading into Year 4.

The “Civil War” storyline is a tried and true plot twist for any major franchise, and after seven years ⁠— and four in Destiny 2 ⁠— it looks like Bungie is finally on the verge of turning its iconic characters against each other in Beyond Light.

Pop-culture has seen its fair share of ally-vs-ally action in recent years. In 2016, Marvel pitted Captain America against Iron Man. In the same year, DC dished out a similar storyline in the divisive ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.

Now it’s Bungie’s turn, according to a handful of datamined audio leaks, as well as lore from the title’s original campaign. If the theories are correct, Vanguard leader Zavala is on his way to the dark side heading into Year 4.

Commander Zavala's fall to the Darkness could spark a Destiny 2
Commander Zavala’s fall to the Darkness could spark a Destiny 2 “Civil War.”

Pretty crazy, right? Zavala has always been the straight-edge commander of the Last City. In all seven years, the Guardians have fought alongside him, the Awoken Titan has acted as the voice of reason, and a bastion of hope.

The evidence does seem pretty strong, however. The crux of it comes from the lore of exotic sidearm The Traveler’s Chosen. The gun’s lore is a speech from long-teased Destiny 2 villain Savathun, speaking through the mysterious Ahamkara Skull hanging near Shaxx.

The most important slice is as follows: “Again, I press against the sockets. The net creaks softly with my eagerness. Someone approaches and he turns his back to his Traveler. There is an exchange, obscured by the rubicund thrash.”

“He is given reports. Hope bleeds from him,” it continues. “He gives the messenger a token of his faith. They accept it without understanding its meaning. He watches as they leave. There is a hollow place in his center. It is beautiful.”

Zavala turns his back on the Traveler whenever he doles out Vanguard tokens.
Zavala turns his back on the Traveler whenever he doles out Vanguard tokens.

Now, there’s a lot of clues here that the character with a “hollow place in his center” is indeed Zavala. He’s the only Vanguard vendor who turns around to greet Guardians. He hands out a fair whack of “tokens of his faith” too.

There’s also the datamined ‘Camouflage’ entry, which mentions a new threat “closer than you know”. The entry warns someone in the Last City is “hiding the truth.”

Zavala is in line with the skull too. It would give Savathun the perfect chance to “push” him ⁠— as the final part of the entry reads ⁠— and build that “sweet, soft rot.”

It also can’t be Shaxx, who is also standing close; the entry mentions “the rubicund thrash” obscuring the view. Rubicund means “ruddy/reddish,” and thrash can mean “loud or lavish”. Certainly sounds like Shaxx to me!

Destiny 2 Crucible commander Shaxx in Year 3.
Some Destiny 2 fans believe Shaxx could fall to the Darkness due to how close to the Skull he is.

Then there’s the game development evidence to pair this with too. Lance Reddick, who has been the voice of Zavala since 2014, has been back in the studio. While this is no surprise in itself, his description of the storyline ⁠— “wild” ⁠— has been perking up more than a few Guardians’ ears.

“It’s Zavala here, coming at you… doing another Destiny session. It’s wild. It’s wild! Eyes up Guardian, eyes up,” the 57-year-old star said from the recording booth.

Zavala as the antagonist of Beyond Light would certainly be a gut punch. Guardians already lost original Vanguard larrikin Cayde-6 back in ‘Forsaken.’ Zavala stands as one of only a few characters still around from the original Destiny release too ⁠— Shaxx and Ikora Rey are two more.

Plot-wise, however, this storyline is something Destiny has been crying out for. There’s only so many “go here, fight big bad guy” plots Bungie can run through after seven years, and the “Civil War” storyline is a big change of pace.

This possibility also plays heavily into the rumors Bungie will finally be adding World of Warcraft style factions in Year 4. Destiny has always lacked that proper “us vs them” mentality, where you pledge yourself fully to one faction in-game.

Ikora Rey may be the last Destiny 2 vanguard in Year 4.
Warlock leader Ikora Rey may be left as last member of the original Destiny vanguard.

The time of every single Guardian being on the same side may be coming to an end though, as Bungie slowly drops hints Year 4’s Beyond Light may truly ask players to, once and for all, pick sides between the Light, and the mysterious Darkness on the edge of the galaxy.

To have that major shift led by one of the original heroes of the franchise, Zavala, would just be that much more of a “wow” moment for the series too. The question is, is Bungie brave enough to pull the trigger? We’ll have to wait and see.


PlayStation leak reveals return to Old Tower in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Published: 25/Oct/2020 13:22 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 13:23

by Daniel Cleary


Destiny 2 might be gearing up for a return to the Old Tower in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion after leaked PlayStation artwork hinted at Guardians making their way back to the fan-favorite hub.

The Tower was featured as the main social hub in the first Destiny title, where players could interact with each other, purchase any supplies, and complete their quests.

After it was attacked by the Red Legion at the start of the Destiny 2 campaign, the remaining guardians were forced to move to The Farm, before later moving to a new Tower, but new Beyond Light leaks have now finally hinted at a return to the original Vanguard headquarters.

Destiny Tower courtyard
The Old Tower could be making a return in Destiny: Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light to return to Old Tower

While the Last City’s tower was destroyed in the attack, it seems as if it might be rebuilt for the franchise’s next major expansion, with artwork appearing to highlight the old tower in its former glory.

The leak was shared by Destiny data miner u/Felwinter_123, on October 24, who revealed they had found new images within the PlayStation Store’s HTML code.

These images, which were designed to fit the PlayStation app’s artwork, featured three guardians looking on at the old Tower, which was standing tall above the Last City once again.


Healed traveler in Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

With The Traveler, a large vessel that hovers above the Last City and allows humans to travel between worlds, also being featured in the picture, many fans began to speculate that it could also be healed for the upcoming expansion.

The Traveler has been left in a damaged state after it finally managed to defeat Ghaul, along with help from the Guardians, and liberate the Last City but that could soon change, if these new images are anything to go by.

After the leaks surfaced, PlayStation has since updated the official Destiny artwork with these images, suggesting that it is no longer a rumored change.


However, it is still worth noting that while the changes are suggested in the artwork, whether or not we will return to the original Tower remains unclear and Bungie can still change elements of Beyond Light before its release.

For now, Destiny fans will just have to wait until the arrival of the expansion on November 10 to find out for sure.