Destiny 2’s rare Midnight Exigent armor set is now available to purchase

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After a lengthy stay in the vault, Destiny 2’s rare Midnight Exigent armor set is finally available to purchase from Xur.

The Midnight Exigent armor was previously featured in the Destiny sequel as part of the Escalation Protocol activity. Obtaining the special set required quite a bit of grinding from players, too.

Many may recall that the sleek design made the suit a must-have, though not everyone had a chance to get their hands on it before Bungie locked it away.

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Fortunately, the time has come for the armor set to return. But, once again, its availability will not stick around for very long at all.

Previously vaulted Midnight Exigent armor returns to Destiny 2

Twitter account DestinyTracker points out that weekend merchant Xur is currently selling the much-coveted Midnight Exigent armor.

Those interested should be able to find the merchant in the EDZ’s Winding Cove sector.

Given how long the Midnight Exigent armor remained vaulted, it should come as no surprise that Destiny 2 faithful are more than pleased with this news.

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“Rare Xur W,” replied a Twitter user to the post linked above. Another Destiny player wrote, “I have been waiting so long for this, I checked Xur’s history before and he has literally never sold this. Time to say goodbye to my legendary shards.”

Those who can afford to trade with Xur should take advantage of this rare opportunity. The vendor only appears in-game during the weekends and often changes location.

As such, it seems fair to assume that when Xur returns next weekend, the highly sought-after Midnight Exigent armor set may not be in stock.

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