Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid boss could be a long-awaited villain according to community theory

Six Guardians stand in Neomuna

A track listing posted by SonySoundtracksVEVO on YouTube has potentially pointed to Lightfall’s Raid boss, and it would be a terrifying returning character.

As we near Lightfall’s release, Bungie has been ramping up its drip of prerelease content. That included two songs from the Destiny 2: Lightfall soundtrack, titled CloudArk and Battle Ready.  As pointed out on the raidsecrets Reddit by user PrizmatikkLaser, the descriptions for these videos initially had the full tracklist for the Lightfall soundtrack – though these have now been removed. 

Six Guardians stand in NeomunaCould this be the start of the new Destiny 2: Lightfall raid?

Speculative spoilers ahead!

Where the Destiny 2: Lightfall Raid speculation comes in is a track titled ‘Oneirophobia’ – which refers to a fear of dreams. This is significant as it could tie into a long hinted-at villain Nezarec. Players will know that name if they go deep into the lore, but even in the past year, the once Disciple of the Witness has come further into the forefront. In Season of the Plunder, players were tasked with collecting the pieces of Nezarec’s body, which had been strewn around the solar system, before the Witness could get their hands on them. We also made tea out of them (it was gross), to wake up Osiris from a coma.

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The link between Nezarec and dreams – or more specifically nightmares – is key in this theory. Nightmares in Destiny are very specific and come from the Shadowkeep expansion. These are enemies that appear on the moon due to the Pyramid Ship that is buried there. They are beings of Darkness that take the forms of traumatic figures of a person’s past. For our Guardian, that manifested in the form of enemies we’ve defeated like Ghaul, Fikrul, and Crota.

These Nightmares have largely been localized to the Moon and get worse with their proximity to the Pyramid ship there, which has since been revealed to be Nezarec’s. This has led to a lot of speculation that these Nightmares are a unique ability of Nezarec’s from when he was a Disciple of the Witness.

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Nezarec was interestingly turned into tea at the end of Season of the Plunder.

Take this with a pinch of salt…

Tying it all together, Nezarec could be Lightfall’s Raid boss, and the song Oneirophobia, meaning fear of dreams, could play during the final encounter due to Nezarec’s seemingly unique ability to create Nightmares. Supporting this further, the track is placed towards the end of the tracklist, which has traditionally been the position of raid boss music on previous soundtracks. 

Of course, that track could be referring to another moment in the expansion entirely, and there has also been some speculation that the Raid could take place in the Vex Network due to it appearing in recent trailers. So as ever, take this with a pinch of salt.

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Either way, it’s always fun to speculate theories like this, and with everyone excited about Lightfall and the new raid, it’s expected. The new raid will go live on March 10.