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Destiny 2 Guardian Games marred by weapon issues & drop rate glitch

Published: 4/May/2022 10:30

by Lloyd Coombes


Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event is here, but it’s not off to the smoothest of starts thanks to the new event weapon not dropping.

Destiny 2’s in-universe Olympics, the Guardian Games, arrived yesterday but fans have been complaining about the game’s new SMG — The Title.

The new legendary weapon is simply not dropping for many players of the loot-shooter, no matter how many Guardian Games playlist activities they complete, and no matter how long they’ve been playing.

Destiny 2 players have also been left disappointed that the crafting system, added as part of the Witch Queen expansion, doesn’t apply to The Title.


Destiny 2 The Title drop-rate glitch confirmed by Bungie

If you’ve been playing the Guardian Games event and are yet to receive The Title, then the good news is that Bungie is aware of it. Players are supposed to get an initial drop of the weapon through the “Best In Class” quest that kicks off the three-week event, but Hippy, Bungie’s community manager, had this to share on Twitter.

Players are able to submit a ticket to Bungie’s support team with any information. Sadly, though, players are disappointed that the weapon crafting system doesn’t apply to the new gun.

In a Reddit thread, user Seed66 argues that event weapons have short availability periods anyway, which should make crafting, if anything, more important.


“With how small our crafting pool already is, why is crafting being so underutilized in a perfect scenario such as this?”

For some players, they’re content to not push for a “god roll” of the new weapon.

“It not a guaranteed drop, even when it’s not bugged,” one user explained. “And then on top of that, the event is only here for three weeks. I learned with Glacioclasm, Avalanche, Cold Front, Compass Rose and even Horror Story that I won’t get the roll I want. So I’m just not going to try.”

Many players have agreed with the post, while others have expressed hope that crafting makes its debut in events like Halloween’s Festival of the Lost.


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